These Are the 10 Absolute Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas

So you finally popped the question to your significant other, and you now realize you have a wedding to plan! Don’t worry or panic; though this may be a stressful time, it is certainly going to be one of the best and most memorable.

So where should you start? There are a lot of first steps you could think of – do you want to go with a classic wedding or do something more trendy like a destination wedding? You could start with your guest list, but before that happens, you may want to think of your wedding party. After all, these people will be the ones with you throughout the entire journey.

Once you have your groomsmen gathered, you have to be sure to impress them with some of the best groomsmen gifts. We’re not talking about getting them nice neckties either or the basic bottle of whiskey.

Here are some of the absolute best groomsmen gift ideas:

10. Slippers

slippers photo

Most men don’t have slippers at the top of their shopping lists, meaning many of them go without a comfy “shoe” option for around the house. This may seem like a silly gift, but seriously, there is nothing better than putting your foot into a soft slipper after a long day of work (or to prep for a long day of being a couch potato).

Similar to some of the other items that are on this list, some slipper companies even let you customize, so you can include your friends’ names, initials, or just have it say “Groomsmen” with your wedding date; there are plenty of different options and designs that your groomsmen will love. Slippers are also a pretty cost-effective gift, so this isn’t going to break your bank either.

9. Beer Opening Glass

I’m sure the majority of your groomsmen enjoy the occasional beer (or five). Do you ever find yourself stuck figuring out a way to pry off that bottle cap when you don’t have access to a proper opener? This beer opening pint glass does it all, so now you have one less thing to check off when you are getting ready to sit on the couch and watch the big game.

The glass is manufactured with a stainless steel bottom where the opener is located to ensure lasting durability and aesthetic. This item is even able to be put in the dishwasher, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to hand wash everytime it’s used.

Reviews rate this product with 4.6 out of 5 stars, making it the perfect gift for a number of occasions, including for your groomsmen, as well as birthdays, graduations and more. A number of reviews also state that they would recommend this item to others and some have even purchased them for their groomsmen, stating that their friends love the beer opening glass.

8. Whiskey Ice Ball

So now that we’ve covered your beer drinking friends, let’s move on to the whiskey drinkers. Many neglect to realize the significance of using the proper ice for whiskey. Smaller cubes tend to melt much faster than larger ice, meaning watered down whiskey, which no one likes. On the other hand, when you have one large ice sphere, it melts much slower, so you don’t need to concern yourself with chugging down the beverage to steer away from a diluted drink.

The original whiskey ball company ( manufacturers what’s known as the Sveres Jumbo Ice Ball Mold, and is available in a tray of six, so you can always have a nice ice ball ready to go. This first ice mold made it to the market in 2009 and has since sparked a large interest in a number of households. This particular model is made of BPA-free and FDA approved materials, ensuring no toxins will be entering any of your beverages through the ice.

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