10 Best Ambient Music Artists of All Time

7. William Basinski

New York avant-garde composer, William Basinski, had some old tapes of his music and as he played them, he discovered their rapidly decaying state and committed what he heard to record, Disintegration Loops I-IV, creating one of the most stellar collections of Ambient music in existence.

Basinski is a clarinetist who studied jazz sax and composition in the late 70s whose work is influenced by minimalists like Eno and others. His style was refined by experimenting with different loops of melodies and creating feedback loops. William Basinski‘s work is closely associated with the state of New York City after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 because that was the period when he released Disintegration Loops. He has worked consistently over the years, in fact, a new release is now available.

6. Gas

Wolfgang Voigt’s Ambient music project Gas is one of over thirty alter egos the artist uses to release music. This, the most well-known of his aliases, is a character he developed based on his experiences with LSD in the forest near his home in Cologne, Germany as a youth.

The most abstract of Voigt’s inexhaustible character changes, Gas is all pulsing nocturnal rhythms and mesmeric atmospherics equally appealing to ravers and luxuriating-at-home listeners of a certain palate. Gas released four albums of what has been described as “sheets of muted industrial texture” from 1996 until 2000. A compilation of Gas’ work was released in 2016.

5. Aphex Twin

Irish-born, English-bred electronic musician, and composer. Richard David James is Aphex Twin. In the burgeoning days of electronica. Aphex Twin claimed to use homemade instruments and lucid dreaming to develop his music. His work included jaunts into sub-genres of electronic music such as Acid Techno.

The singular and polarizing James had produced music under other, lesser-known aliases but he struck Ambient gold with the Aphex Twin name as he released albums of hypnotic, mysterious musicality which resounded within the 90s techno scene. He continues to work today.

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