The 10 Best Bacon of the Month Clubs You Can Join Today

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and even brunch, there are few occasions where bacon is not welcome.

Part of the bacon allure is the tantalizing smell; the other is the irresistible taste. For many, just the mention of bacon seduces the senses. So, what if different premium cuts of specialty bacon arrived at your doorstep every month? In these Bacon of the Month Clubs, you can receive packaged gourmet bacon from renowned bacon specialists and flavor innovators.

What should consumers look for in a superior bacon club? Based on research and brand reputation, we have compiled a created a quick list of the best bacon clubs. Clubs were compared based on the quality of the bacon, terms of the bacon club, reviews of the membership, flavor profiles, the brand’s reputation and the overall value of each bacon club membership.

10. Amazing Clubs

Amazing Clubs offers a gourmet Bacon of the Month Club that delivers two one-pound selections of bacon monthly. Expect all-natural, fresh ingredients delivered in safe, refrigerated package.

This club features specialty bacon producers creating hand-rubbed, thick-cut artisan flavors of bacon, including honey BBQ, sun dried tomato, and fresh cracked pepper.

Membership options offer three, six and 12-month terms, along with a Bacon of the Season Club. There is also an option for a monthly renewable membership. Members receive two different, one-pound packages of unique local selections that have been carefully scouted by bacon connoisseurs. Members also receive newsletters about the monthly bacon choices.

Amazing Clubs have a stellar satisfaction rating and state to have over two million customers. Unhappy consumers can cancel and receive a full refund for any unshipped merchandise, with no added fees and no reason is required.

9. Zingerman’s 

Zingerman’s Bacon of the Month Club wants consumers to know something crucial…”It’s better with bacon.” Bacon enthusiasts are big fans of this artisan bacon craftsman in Ann Arbor.

A three-month bacon club membership is $99, and a six-month membership is $189. Each shipment comes with bacon stories, histories, recipes and 12 to 16 ounces of specialty artisan bacon. New members are welcomes with a free bacon booklet and pig magnet.

Flavors include Applewood Smoked Bacon, Kentucky Dry Cured Bacon, Arkansas Peppered Bacon, Juniper & Thyme Bacon, Tennessee Dry Cured Bacon and Balinese Long Pepper Bacon.


The Bac’n of the Month Club from offers several choices in monthly bacon clubs, including options that are nitrate and pepper free. They offer several incentives in seasonal promotions and new membership. For example, receive 20 percent off bacon clubs through March 10 and five percent off by subscribing.

New bacon club members are welcomed with a Bacn Logo Shirt. Monthly deliveries include two pounds of gourmet and slab bacon. Bacn’s Bacon of the Month Club is $145.95 for three months, $269.95 for six months, $475.94 for 12 months and $49.95 for a monthly auto-renewal. The Bac’n Nitrate Free Bacon Bacon of the Month Club and Bac’n No Pepper Bacon of the Month Club are $145.95 for three months and $269.95 for six months. A three-month Bacon of the Month subscription that ships to Canada is Top of Form$325.95.

To ensure freshness, bacon is shipped using combinations of dry ice and gel packs, wrapped in thermal-insulated bubble wrap.

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