10 Best Cameras for YouTube

Do you want to start a channel on YouTube to have some fun? Or you just have a trendy hobby or niche to talk about that would make millions of dollars? Either way what is common for all YouTubers out there having fun or taking vlogs seriously is that they use a good quality camera.  You know, you can’t take videos without a camera so why not invest in the best. And, you know, the better you invest, the better the outcome is.

Alright then, you decided to invest in the best. So, the first thing comes to your mind is the price and what can you afford. Also, bear in mind that what type of videos you are going to upload should be taken into consideration.  Are you planning to shoot vlogs outdoors? Perhaps your topics can be discussed inside your room. Or, you’re an action enthusiast and want to shoot sports and activities. Maybe you haven’t really decided yet and want to get a versatile camera that you can use in the future.

Whatever you’re planning on, below are the 10 best cameras that you can buy for YouTube:

10. Canon EOS 5D Mark III

If you’re a fan of DSLR, then this Canon is the best choice for you. It’s versatile and durable; good for both indoor and outdoor activities. Also, it has EOS HD Video with manual exposure control and multiple frame rates that are just excellent for videos. This camera has a full frame focus, 61 autofocus points, excellent dynamic range, along with high ISOs, which is absolutely remarkable for vloggers looking for a top notch quality of images. However, it lacks portability as it has no Wi-Fi and no flip screen. So, it is not that great for featuring studio interviews. To buy it, go here.

9. Nikon D810

One of the top DSLR cameras is the D810 model. It’s recommended for serious filmmakers or photographers, but truly, aren’t you? With that up to 29:59 minutes per clip at normal quality and Live, uncompressed 1080 HD signal directly from the HDMI port, you can outstand with your YouTube videos. However, like all DSLR cameras, heaviness and portability can be an issue. It won’t fit in your pocket that’s for sure.

So, if you can handle dragging the camera on a strap around your neck all day long, this is the professional camera to vlog in all conditions. You can get yours here.

8. Sony Alpha SLT-A99V

You will definitely like this one if you’re a Sony lover. This is one of the best DSLR that Sony can offer.  This camera has an AF system of 19-point with full-time phase-detection AF in video mode which will satisfy your artistic needs. The camera has a fast focus for stills and video, 5.7fps shooting, quiet, articulating rear LCD, a 1080p60 video capture, and integrated GPS.

You can use it for anything from having vlogs while walking to discussing certain topics on your couch. But, it lacks a built-in flash. To order one click here.

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