10 Best Cameras for YouTube

4. Canon XA10

Here’s the thing with camcorders. They are a little bit pricey comparing them to DSLR, but they really worthwhile. This is the heavy stuff in video recording word. And you would better be ready to hit that record button with some awesome editing skills as this camera offers an internal flash drive of 64 GB along with extra SDXC slots for cards. So, storage won’t be an issue for you going all day recording with no worries about storage.

With that, you have 24 Mbps AVCHD recording, a 60i, PF30, PF24 with native 24p quality, and a 1/3″ CMOS Sensor to feel like a professional. What is really cool about this camera is the infrared recording. You won’t miss a vlog pranking your friends at night. You can order one here.

3. Canon VIXIA mini X

Are you considering a day at the beach to relax and have some fun with your friends? Why you do not vlog about it. If you’re looking for a small type camera recorder, this is your camera. It can fit comfortably in your pocket and slip easily into your backpack. It boasts a unique slick look with that Canon’s f/2.8 fisheye lens. The flat design may feel weird in your hands, but comes with a hand strap and everything you need to record is in a proper position. It even comes with a tripod mount on the bottom so you can stabilize the camera while you vlog.

Also, since it comes with a microphone and headphone jacks, it combines perfectly with your other vlogging equipment. However, the lens is fixed, but that won’t be a problem for you YouTubers, and the price a little bit high. To get one, click here.

2. GoPro HERO

This is definitely the most popular camera in the world recently. If you haven’t used one already, you have seen some videos made with it or on people’s heads going out for a hike, a swim, or just for pure extreme sports fun. The concept of giving your audience a first-person view with no need of hand holding it is attractive to all adventure seekers and outdoor activity lovers. What makes it more popular, especially with the professionals, is the fact that it’s waterproof and all models can shoot films at least 1080p (some models go up to 4k). This is the perfect camera for action packed vlogs like paintball, rafting, and mountain biking.

Although there are numerous models of GoPro cameras and different prices, there are several guides on choosing which version best fits your niche and budget. To order, click here.


You’re thinking about starting your channel on YouTube, but that chunky DSLR camera is too expensive for you. That point and shoot camera won’t suffice your criteria. Well, you still have the mirrorless camera option. Recently, mirrorless cameras have taken the upper hand over DSLR ones. One of the reasons is that mirrorless cameras are more compact capable when comparing to their DSLR cousins. Also, it can provide same quality recording at a lower cost. However, being small and light is not always good. By reducing mirrorless cameras size, the battery size is reduced, also. This means that battery life is drained low and you will have to buy extra batteries.

If you’re still considering buying one, this camera is definitely the best of its kind. It can deliver the quality of a DSLR camera, with both half the size and half weight. It brings into use the 16 MP APS-C sensor and allows you to shoot up to 10 FPS, which gives you an amazing content. Although this doesn’t exactly qualify as a DSLR camera, it impressively delivers the quality you get from a DSLR camera. And, the Wi-Fi feature, it comes with is nice to have as a plus. You can buy one here.

In the end, there is a wide arsenal of cameras that can fit every desire, whim, and passion. What you need to know is, once you decided to go into the vlogging field on YouTube, competition is hard. To overcome your competitors, you need the best fitting camera your budget can afford.

“Featured Image: All Rights Reserved Videographer by eekim

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