10 Best Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring is an important decision for many A number of factors are involved in the decision to marry first and foremost, and one certainly does not want to disappoint his or her significant other with a below-average ring. The original Roman tradition was for wives to wear a ring attached to a small key to indicate they were married. Today, there are a number of trending alternatives that have grown in popularity aside from the legacy white round diamond. Diamonds and various other gems are used in engagement rings and are available in a number of different manufacturers, styles, sizes, and prices.

Although the diamond is the most popular gem overall, engagement rings are found with other stones, such as morganite, garnet, moissanite, tanzanite, and much more. Aside from the gem choice, there’s also the selection of cut. Engagement rings are available in brilliant round, princess, emerald, oval, cushion, marquise, and pear cuts.

The pear shaped cut, also recognized as the teardrop cut, originated sometime in the 15th century. This cut was created by Flemish polisher, Lodewyk van Berquem, who is also accountable for the concept of symmetry and the placements of facets in diamonds. When the polisher first introduced his pear-shaped gem, he didn’t get as much popularity as one might think. People were complaining that the cut caused a high amount of lost diamond. In later years, the pear shaped cut became very popular and is now worn by a number of celebrities, most notably, Elizabeth Taylor.

10. Pear-Shaped Bezel-Set Diamond

Brilliant Earth‘s mission is to provide ethical and sustainable jewelry by fostering change, growth, and quality within its product line. This modern rose gold ring is perfect for those searching for a subtle, sleek and fashionable engagement ring. With the pear shaped cut usually being a big attention grabber, this particular ring enables the more modest wearer to tone down the concentration.

Cost – $1,450.

9. Martine Pear-Shaped Two-Tone Engagement Ring

The Single Stone Company embraces vintage design and ideal craftsmanship in its jewelry. Engage your inner Victorian-era with this rare engagement ring style. The Martine style ring, by Single Stone, is set in an oxidized yellow gold and silver mount. With an engagement ring this unconventional, you can be sure to stand out among the others without a problem.

Cost – $6,800.

8. Free Bird Pear-Shaped Halo Engagement Ring

The Jade Trau Collection is well known for its uniqueness and comfortability. For those looking for just that small hint of edge, this side-mounted ring by Jade Trau is a perfect fit. The simplicity and distinctiveness of this ring style add personality and sophistication to any wearer.

Cost – $5,700.

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