These Are the 10 Best Universities for Political Science

7. Northwestern in Chicago

Northwestern University a First-year Focus opportunity for those who want to learn more about the study of political science. From there, you can major or minor in political science. You’ll find yourself able to choose from many sub-fields to study from so that your interest is peaked and you’re studying exactly what you want to. They also offer Doctoral Studies for those looking to expand their knowledge of government and policies. In the city where many Politicians come from, you’ll learn from the best of the best.  After graduating from Northwestern, you could find yourself with a variety of different opportunities ranging from politics to journalism. Former US Representative from Illinois, Brad Schneider graduated from this University along with Susan Goldberg who is the first female editor of National Geographic Magazine.

6. Harvard

Harvard University’s Department of Government will also offer you extensive knowledge on the subject of Political Science. There’s a reason Harvard is a respected household name. According to their Department Chair, they offer “one of the leading political science communities in the United States.” While Theodore Roosevelt completed his undergraduate degree at Columbia University, he got his Doctor of Jurisprudence at Harvard.

Harvard’s Political Science graduate program will give you the extensive knowledge you need to make a career out of your field. You will receive hands-on training during your Ph.D. program and work with your professors closely to complete your dissertation. Harvard ranked Number 1 according to US News & World Report‘s ranking of political science graduate degrees.

 5. Yale

Another well-known university is Yale. What makes Yale a great place to study Political Science is that if you’re looking to also get your graduate degree, you can petition to do your Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree at the same time. Like Harvard, Yale is one of the best universities to study political science. It is a popular major to have, as it is one of the largest departments on campus, according to their website. It is also well known that both Former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton are graduates of Yale University, along with presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

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