These Are the 10 Best Universities for Political Science

4. University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is another public institution well-known across the United States. Their website credits them as one of the first to start a political science department. At the University of Michigan, students will learn the research skills needed for a future career. The faculty here is one of the best. They are dedicated to helping their students succeed. You will also be able to find an internship that will give you the experience you need through hands-on learning.

Whether you’re just starting your coursework in political science or you’re looking to continue it, the University of Michigan offers both Bachelor’s and Graduate Degrees. The Ph.D. program focuses on teaching and research with a wide variety of topics to study. This nationally ranked university is dedicated to helping its students find the perfect field for their students. There are also financial aid opportunities to possibly help each student pay for their education. After graduation students may find themselves in successful careers such as law, journalism, business, and teaching. According to US News & World Report‘s ranking, the University of Michigan’s political science graduate program is number 4, tied with Yale.

3. Ohio State University

Ohio State is one of the University of Michigan’s rivals when it comes to football. Ohio State, like the University of Michigan, offers another one of the best political science programs in the US. They offer many opportunities for their undergraduates such as training in research methods, political psychology, political economy, etc. Each area is crafted to help give their graduates their best possible chances when working in the field.

When you’re ready to continue your education, they also offer a graduate program to help prepare students for their future careers. This institution prides itself on faculty working closely with students and helping them on the financial end of their journey. Their graduates find themselves in successful and exciting careers such as in law, business, public policy, and journalism. Former presidential candidate John Kasich graduated from Ohio State with a degree in Political Science.

2. U of California-LA

If you’re looking to study in a warm and sunny place, the University of California in Los Angeles offers a competitive program through their Department of Political Science. According to their website, their program began in 1920 with only one person on staff. The department expanded from there and became one of the most well-respected programs. Here you will find that faculty focuses on helping their students succeed. The student to faculty ratio is set up to help every student learn in the best possible way.

You’ll find success by working with their experienced faculty which is focused on giving you the best education. If you wish to continue your education, they also offer a graduate program that will prepare you for careers in law, public policy, and business and more. In fact, writer, Marcia Clark, known for her Rachel Knight best-selling series graduated with a political science degree from UCLA.

1.Washington University in St Louis

If Ivy League isn’t for you but you’re looking for a private school, Washington University is the leader in the field of Political Science. According to their website, their undergrad program is the best in the country.

They also offer graduate and Ph.D. programs for those looking to continue their education. The students here are as passionate as the professors and become leaders in their field with hard work and dedication.

With a political science degree from Washington University, you will have many options for future careers. Many students have gone on to study law, business, and journalism. Phil Radford, executive director of Greenpeace, graduated from Washington University, showing that you will find all types of careers waiting for you after graduation.

To learn more about their programs, visit the Universities’ websites or contact their admissions offices.

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