10 Compelling Reasons You Should Never Get a Job

5. No Freedom

Human beings are simply animals with animal desires and instincts. That statement doesn’t imply you should start acting like an uncivilized ape, but it does mean that you should seriously consider what having a job is going to do to your animal instincts and feelings. Say goodbye to the dreams of freedom from the system, say goodbye to the plethora of endless vacations on the road, and say goodbye to giving your life individualistic meaning outside of your current vocation. You are simply the vessel that helps a company make more money. And does that money trickle down to you? Unless you are a partner or shareholder at your company, the answer is likely no.

4. Your Resume May Look Good, But Your “Real” Resume Is Still Awful

Don’t buy into the widespread hype that getting a job will give you “excellent real world skills” and “fantastic job experience.” In actuality, the job you get from day one will only give you the skills necessary to perform that exact same job for the rest of your life! Sure, employed career changes do happen, but the reality is that unless you are able to imbue your personal life with a diverse amount of “real” experiences, experiences that require individuality, risk, and probably some personal capital to fund, you will never actually be emotionally capable of making money at a high level. Why? Because success and, yes, even failure, from a wide range of experiences gives you the highest chances of encompassing as many perspectives as possible. And when you understand many perspectives, you become a great leader, a leader who can not only employ the expertise of others to a high degree, but also be a leader who can make money outside of a 9-5 job post.

3. You Will Never Recover the Time You Spent Generously Donating to Your Master

How long do you think we really have on this planet? I understand this is a question you have thought about often, a question you have conditioned yourself to brush off in favor of more “productive” questions, like how to beef up your resume’ to get an awesome employment stint. But seriously, how much longer do you think you have? If you are like the majority of my readers, you have probably already lived ⅓ to ½ of your entire life – in another thirty to forty years, you will probably be old, retired, and not able to move and flow as freely as you did when you were young. So how many more years of young, productive, fresh, and healthy life do you actually believe you have left in you?

By working forty hours a week for someone else, I have the sorriest of sorry news to break to you: you will never recover that time again in your life. True, you can take active steps to being a healthier person, which can elongate your life and improve your mental clarity as well as your physical energy. Still…do you really think you can actually get back all that time you spent in your 20s, your 30s, your 40s, even your 50s working for someone else? Don’t fool yourself.

2. You Stop Believing In Yourself

Passion, energy, inspiration – those words may sound cheesy to non-believers, but you better believe those words are the lifeblood of human consciousness. The reason we even decide to take jobs in the first place is so we can sustain ourselves with income to live and feel these emotions. Unfortunately, when you have to be on someone else’s clock 40 hours a week, inspiration, passion, and energy for your own life dwindles as you work to accomplish someone else’s goal. Don’t you remember once not only dreaming, but actually working very hard towards a goal of yours. Too bad you don’t have that time anymore.

1. There Are Much, Much Better Ways to Make Money

You have an unprecedented opportunity to be a powerful, amazing, and independent human being. You have the ability to create art, entertain others, start your own business, inspire emotion, and make money on your own terms. Hundreds of thousands of people do it, and I have news for you: you likely have specialized knowledge that someone would pay excellent money to hear. The world is, believe it or not, abundant with opportunities for you to make an income doing things that you love.

Sometimes, a man or woman has to work a regular job in order to start funding his or her business. If you are in this crowd, then this article and the following suggestions are most certainly for you.

If you really want to start getting some good knowledge on how to make income without getting a 9-5 office job, try the following resources that are easily available on Amazon.

  • The 4-Hour Workweek, the most widely reviewed book on Amazon (and probably the most popular text in the entire world) about how to make money online.

Timothy Ferriss’ 4-Hour Workweek, Via Amazon.com

New York Times Bestseller The Lean Startup, Via Amazon.com

  • The Consulting Bible, an excellent resource for those looking to create a legitimate income by having people consult with you about your very own specialized knowledge.

Alan Weiss’ The Consulting Bible, Via Amazon.com

If you need more ideas or resources, feel free to shoot me an email.

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