10 Disney Movie Lessons Guaranteed to Help You Survive College

You’ve probably seen all of these classic (and new) Disney movies. Amidst the musical scores and extremely attractive animated characters are some useful lessons and tips that will get you through your first (and every year) of college. From breakups to missing your hometown, Disney characters have experienced everything that you will and can show you what to expect… and how to deal. These are the top 10 tips to get you started!

10. Cinderella

Someone will try to sweep you off your feet (and into their bed) at a midnight ball. Don’t get overwhelmed and give in to any pressures. If this is your Prince/Princess, they will still be so in the light of the sun and the musty smell of a classroom. Feel free to say yes, but also remember you can chuck that glass slipper at them and walk away.

9. The Lion King

This is one of the most important things to remember… You can’t survive college alone. You need a Timon to your Pumbaa. While it may seem easier to be the king of the jungle by yourself, you need to learn to rely on other people. What is a pride without  more than one lion? From experience, nothing will get you through a severely bad day like a good glass of wine and an even better friend.

8. The Little Mermaid

College will change you, but don’t allow others to do it for you. Be yourself, and rock that mermaid fin because as soon as you get some new legs… you’re going to wish that you stayed true to yourself. Don’t wish to be like everyone else because to “fit in”. It’s more exciting (and will get you a lot farther in life) to be yourself and own it! .

7. Tarzan

You’re going to meet some people that seem to come straight out of the metaphorical jungle. You’ve probably never experienced such a variety of cultures in your life, but go ahead and climb the trees! Don’t let questionable clothing or foreign accents deter you from connecting with someone. Open up your life to new cultures and you might just find something new about your own.

6. Alice in Wonderland

Eating at your dining hall can be as mysterious and ethereal as the mad hatters’ tea party. Eat the food anyway, that’s why you pay for it. As good as McDonalds for every meal sounds, it gets expensive (and disgusting) really fast. Eat at the dining hall, BUT be careful, and always avoid taco night.

Ps. As a rule: don’t take vials of questionable substances from anyone- especially white rabbits.

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