10 Disney Movie Lessons Guaranteed to Help You Survive College

5. Sleeping Beauty

College is 100% about naps. When you think you don’t possible have time for a nap… sleep anyway. College is overwhelming between work, friends, classes and everything you experience. Your body needs to recuperate so sleep every minute that you can. Don’t wake up, even when someone attractive comes to kiss you.

4. Mulan

Go undercover to really find yourself. You won’t know what you’re made of until life really knees you in the face and you fight your first serious battle. You will survive it, and though it seems like the fate of your life (or the fate of all people of China) rests on your shoulders… It doesn’t. Just breathe.

3. Peter Pan

Although this may come as a shock, you’re going to have to grow up. The first few weeks are all fun and flying through the London sky but once mid terms hit, you need to shape up. Tuck away your feather hat and leave Neverland because the rest of your life starts now, and it’s important to be serious when you need to.

2. Pocahontas

You will inevitably find your John Smith (and/ or) Jane Smith. They will leave you. You will be heartbroken, yet resplendent. In true Poca fashion, keep being the powerful Chief of the tribe and don’t let a white man get you down.

1. Tangled

Hello! Smuggling out of the tower? Finally leaving the communist regime that is your mothers word? That’s college. You’re now venturing off on your own to make new experiences college is all about the leaving, and the new life you can make on our own! Follow Rapunzels lead and make your year incredible.

Cover Photo by stinne24 (Pixabay)

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