10 Rising Independent Musicians & Bands Everyone Is Talking About

A shorter list than “people who like discovering new music” would be “people who don’t like discovering new music.” In other words, we all like to discover new, awesome music, right? As such, I have put together this list of 10 rising rock and pop artists that EVERYONE is talking about. As the title suggests, all of these bands and singers are “under the radar,” up and coming, or some variation of that. Of course, some of you readers are particularly music savvy and may have heard of most or all of these singers and bands, but just bear with me. All of them produce great, catchy music (obviously), much of which is coupled with meaningful and/or relatable lyrics. Read on for an introduction to some great new jams (as in music, not jelly):

10. Metric

Metric’s Synthetica, Via Amazon.com

I’ve put this awesome Canadian band as number 10 because there is (admittedly) a good chance you are already familiar with them. Wikipedia describes Metric as a rock band, but personally I’d say they are closer in sound to indie pop or something of the sort. It’s safe to say that their most well known song is “Help I’m Alive,” as played in the documentary “Miss Representation” which focuses on the portrayal of women in mainstream media and their underrepresentation in positions of power. Many of Metric’s songs relate to feminism or otherwise have a thought-provoking message behind them. My favorite Metric song is “Lost Kitten.” Check it out here.

While we’re on the subject of fairly but not super well-known bands, I’d like to give mention to the band Fitz and The Tantrums. This indie pop band from Los Angeles is chalk full of talent and catchy songs. Ellen DeGeneres is a big fan, so you’ll be in good company if you jump on the bandwagon (pun intended), too. Check out their song “Out of my League.”

9. Yuna

Yuna’s Album Nocturnal, Via Amazon.com

Yuna is a Malaysian singer and songwriter (and businesswoman, apparently). Her music can be considered pop, in my opinion, but she has said that she “likes to incorporate a lot of different genres in her music.” My personal favorite of Yuna’s is “Come Back.” Check it out here.

8. Two Hours Traffic

Album by Two Hours Traffic, Via Amazon.com

Allow me to go ahead and add another Canadian band to the list (because why not?). Two Hours Traffic hails from Prince Edward Island and is described as an indie rock band. Some of their songs are very fast paced and catchy, others are slower and…still catchy. My personal favorite is “Sure Can Start.”

7. Bombay Bicycle Club

Album So Long, See You Tomorrow by the Bombay Bicycle Club Via Amazon.com

This British indie rock band is gaining increased recognition, and rightfully so. Some of their songs have been played on shows on MTV, but if that doesn’t matter to some of you hipsters, listen to them for their relatable and interesting lyrics. A personal favorite of mine is “Always Like This.”

6. Hot Natured

Album Different Sides of the Sun, Via Amazon.com

History circa the 18th century would tell us that conflict ensues when Brits and Americans mix, but when it comes to Hot Natured, good things arise when such is the case. This British-American “electronic music group” produces some pretty unique sounds. A personal favorite of mine is “Reverse Skydiving” featuring Anabel Englund.

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