10 Rising Independent Musicians & Bands Everyone Is Talking About

5. The Bird and the Bee

This musical duo is formed by Inara George and Greg Kurstin and they are AWESOME. Their style consists of fast paced, pop sounding songs and they’ve performed on the Ellen DeGeneres show (Ellen doesn’t feature sub-par performers, come on). My favorite song of theirs is “Love Letter to Japan.”

4. SoKo

Soko’s I Thought I Was An Alien Via Amazon.com

SoKo, also known as Stéphanie Sokolinski (probably to her parents), is a French singer who, like Lorde, is a total nonconformist (and who doesn’t like that?). Her songs are interesting, some would even argue a little weird, but they are nonetheless super relatable, especially to young women. I love her song “I’ll Kill Her,” but my favorite is “First Love Never Dies.”

3. Cosmo Jarvis

Jarvis’ Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange, Via Amazon.com

Cosmo Jarvis is a British singer-songwriter who has come out with some cool beats and often humorous music videos to accompany his songs. He’s not very well known in the US, but I’m thinking he will be at some point. I really like his song “My Day,” but my favorite is probably “Love This.”

2. Grouplove

Spreading Rumours by GroupLove, Via Amazon.com

Words can’t describe how obsessed I am with this band. Most if not all of Grouplove’s songs are great, in my opinion, because you can listen to them over and over again and not get sick of them. One such song, “Let Me In,” was played in the new movie The Fault in Our Stars. When excellent lyrics combine with catchy background sounds, you get Grouplove. I love “Shark Attack” and “Raspberry” but my favorite is definitely “Ways to Go:”

1. Holychild

Mindspeak by Holychild, Via Amazon.com

Google “Holychild” and you won’t find a whole lot, because this band is truly up and coming (though one of their songs, “Happy With Me,” was recently played on the MTV show Teen Wolf). Make no mistake, though, I’ve pretty much saved the best for last. Holychild has an indie pop sound, and their songs are as catchy as they are thought-provoking. The theme of most of their songs is female empowerment, but they’ve crafted them in a way that explores the ambivalence women often feel when it comes to wanting to feel beautiful and being naturally opposed to our own objectification. If that sounds too complicated, just listen to Holychild for their fast paced, fun, and smart lyrics. I love “Pretend Believe” but my favorite is definitely “Playboy girl.”

So there you have it, 10 awesome band and singers with whom I’m hoping you weren’t previously familiar. Of course, taste in music is subjective, as is taste in everything else, so you might not be feeling these, but here’s hoping that that’s not the case. Now go rock out, and if you’re at work, use your ear buds, for crying out loud (but don’t hold back when it comes to dancing- it’s bad for your health).

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Cover Photo (Emily Haines of the Indie-rock band Metric) by Kris Krug Via Flickr Creative Commons

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