10 Essential Tips to Start Dating After Divorce

7. Stay Active

Get out and walk, swim, play tennis, ride a bike. Join a team or form one of your own. Breathe fresh air or just go to the gym. Kayak on the local river or take that camping trip you have been putting off. Exercise provides stress relief and initiates a calmer state of mind. Plus, you will want to be in great physical shape if you are going to be confident enough to hit the dating scene again.

Breathing in fresh air will help you feel alive and being in good shape will benefit you in multiple ways. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. It is important to remember to stay hydrated and drink water. Don’t skip meals or forget to eat healthily. Take supplements if you do not get enough nutrients and vitamins. Don’t take up bad habits to cope, such as excessive drinking or overeating.

6. Heal

healing photo

Just when you think you are over the grief, it may hit you in the form of a song or scent that triggers a memory. For most, a marriage is not an easy thing to sacrifice. If you seek counseling, get the most out of it. Be honest and don’t hold back. Share your frustrations with the counselor and be attentive to the guidance you are given.

Whether you need time, peer support, professional help or all of the above, seek out the best tools for your healing process. Some seek spiritual guidance or meditation; others focus on the goals that may have been forgotten or neglected. Take this opportunity to examine your wounds and heal yourself. Be creative, take on a new hobby or devote your time to something you feel is very rewarding. Focus on the positive and surround yourself with people who will reinforce good habits and decisions.

5. Spend Time Socializing

Take time to heal in your own way, but be careful not isolate yourself too much. Self-pity lends itself to isolation and the more introverted you become, the less you are connected with reality. Try to at least maintain the same level of social involvement as when you were married. Ideally, it would behoove you to be more active. You may end up unofficially surrendering friends in the divorce, which can lead to depression and anti-social behavior as well. Get out of the house.

Connect with like-minded people in Meetups, attend public events and network outside your usual reach. Going to a comedy club, attending a legendary concert or entering a competition may boost your spirits. If you felt like you were in a rut, now is the time to try new adventures, new cuisine, and new attitudes.

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