10 Essential Tips to Start Dating After Divorce

4. Enjoy Casual Dating

When it comes to dating, not everyone’s the one. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in the realm of casual dating. After years of marriage, do you even know what that is or how to do it? Those who casually date are less likely to make premature commitment decisions. Love doesn’t always fall in your lap, sometimes the connection is in the timing and it pays to be patient. Casual, does not mean you should not take dates seriously, just not too seriously, too soon. You will know if you are ready to move past the casual stage.

So whether you are indicating interest in someone by swiping a face, selecting a profile or spending real time with them, don’t be afraid to maintain your independence and to get to know the individuals you are dating. Casual dating can be physical and exciting, but the relationships can be superficial and fleeting. Sometimes those you date casually can become good friends; others develop into a serious relationship. Try to remain open to possibilities.

3. Learn from the Past

Stay focused on the future, but don’t forget the lessons you learned from your past. Think about eliminating habits or issues that made your marriage difficult. Maybe you are attracted to certain qualities in a spouse, but it clashes with what you really want in a partner. Try to handle potentially explosive situations with caution and confidence. Learn from the successes and mistakes you have made.

Don’t have unreasonable expectations of single life. Divorce takes a toll on everyone, in many ways. If you have made a thoughtful decision that leads to divorce, don’t doubt your decision in moments of loneliness or nostalgia. People often see the past, as they want to see it. Try to focus on a future of possibilities instead.

2. Don’t Settle

Learn to enjoy single life. Do things that are just for you. Develop a new hobby or pick up an old one again. Do the things that you were unable to accomplish or even attempt when you were in the relationship. Enjoy your independence. If loneliness gets the best of you and you start to think you want to reunite with your ex, write down the reasons that it didn’t work out and ask yourself if anything has changed since the divorce.

When you least expect it, you will fall in love again.

1. Be Happy

Don’t depend on the love of another for your happiness. Love comes in many forms and many faces. Sometimes the intimacy you require comes from someone who will keep your deepest secrets or someone who understands the struggle experienced during divorce.

Take time to appreciate health and family, breathe in air and enjoy the flavors of life. Find happiness within yourself. Your confidence and positivity will most likely attract those who too have found happiness that they wish to share. After going through a divorce, happiness is not easily found. Find out what makes you happy and do it, make it, lick it, kick it, push it to the limit.

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