10 Essential Tips to Decoupage on Wood

4. Avoid wrinkles.

Once applying the decoupage medium or adhesive, start at the center and use your fingers or a brayer to gently smooth the wrinkles. Wipe away excess glue with a damp sponge and if more adhesive is needed on any edges, gently lift the design on the edge and add more adhesive or apply over the top of the surface. Once again use the right tools and a damp cloth to keep the surface smooth and remove unneeded glue. Once everything is properly affixed and the surface is dry, apply a second coat of the decoupage medium. If you are using glue, you can dilute with water and apply a coat over the top, but be careful of discoloration and cloudiness. After drying again, you can use the steel wool to gently buff out any white or cloudy spots left from glue. Additional coats can be applied if needed.

3. Seal the deal.

In decoupage on wood, a sealer is recommended. It helps reduce wear on the project and can protect it from water erosion. You can apply multiple coats of sealer, but be sure to let the sealer dry completely between each coat. The more layers of sealant that are applied, the more the more the decoration appears to look like a painted design, rather than a cutout.

2. Finish the project.

For high-quality results, continue applying coats of varnish and sealant until the cutouts are deeply embedded into the surface so that there are no edges. The surface should feel completely smooth as the cutout is buried under layers of finish. Between coats, continue to gently buff the area with steel wool and remove all dust from the surface before applying the next coat.

1. Enjoy your masterpiece.

If you take the time to find interesting decor, choose a workable surface, cut clean edges, get the ideal decoupage medium and correctly apply layer after layer…you can create a piece of art that can sustain decades of use. Using narrative images and creative concepts, you may turn an old wooden table into a treasured a family heirloom for future generations.

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