10 Must-Know Facts on How to Build a Koi Pond

10. A koi pond must be treated as an ecosystem

To make a koi pond into a mostly self-sustaining entity, you will need to become aware of some “helper” products, like dechlorination and bacteria solutions. The first item helps to take the chlorine out of our city water supply to make it fit for fish; the second one adds “good” bacteria back into the human-made environment to make a clean and healthy pond. Don’t add fish until the ecosystem has had some time to settle; about two weeks should do it.

9. An external filter can become a waterfall for “added value.”

Position your external pond filter or waterfall tank to spill directly into the pond and stack stone from the pond shelf against the filter to create an instant waterfall. Curious about how your favorite celeb created a waterfall in their spectacular pool? Now you know!

8. Pond filter and pond skimmer placement is crucial

Position the filter or skimmer under level beside the pond. You may already know to dig a ditch to bury these components, but you should also know that all of the plumbing can hide in the same way. Ditch out to the external pond pump and from the pump to the external pond filter or waterfall, unless you are using a submersible pump in the pond skimmer in which case you should dig a ditch from the skimmer to the external pond filter or waterfall.

7. How you dig will determine your success

Dig out your desired shape and dig out more if you want to go around existing plants. However, if you want to keep a plant shelf, then you will want to leave about one foot deep by one foot wide.

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