10 Must-Know Facts on How to Build a Koi Pond

6. Add aquatic plants as soon as possible

Add plants aquatic plants directly after construction so that they use up the nutrients that would otherwise grow algae. Purchase Anacharis, Water Hyacinth, Parrot’s Feather, and Bacopa—they are the best. Add water lilies and other plants to provide shade in sunny areas.

5. You may need mortar to finish the job

If using small stone or if people will be walking around the edge then mortaring the stone for stability may be required. Backfill with enough soil that it will hold the pond liner against the rock. Fill the pond with a few inches of water at a time and then make the necessary corrections to ensure that the pond is level; that means removing all wrinkles as the pond fills.

4. There is more than one way to edge a koi pond

It may surprise you by having stone around the pond or water garden does not automatically create a natural appearance. You may want to consider other edging methods. Besides the traditional method of edging with a thin stone on the side that overlaps the pond, you can also use one or more layers of stone built up from the shelf for a natural appearance without seeing the liner. You can also create a cobblestone beach edging with stones along the inside of a large shallow shelf and filling the area with gravel and cobbles.

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