10 Terms and Phrases You Say Causing You To Lose Really Badly In Life

 5. Salty

No longer just used to describe the taste of pretzels and French fries, but also an interesting way to label someone who is feeling on the edge or agitated. I guess that makes sense, just like rubbing salt on a wound would make someone in pain or upset. I guess I can live with this one (even though I still don’t quite understand it).

Use it in a sentence: “Courtney blew me off for FroYo today so I’m feeling pretty salty. Now I can’t enjoy my sweet treat of the week.”

 4. Swerve

The reason I hate this one is because honestly, I’m just not cool enough to pull it off. I yell “SWERVE” and everyone asks what the heck this little white girl is doing. “Swerve” is yet another imaginative way to just plainly say “no.” But, instead of doing it in the way people have done for centuries, Millennials have added a louder, more youthful twist by instead saying this delightful term in order to reject or dismiss someone or something.

Use it in a sentence:

Boy: “Hey Sandra, do you want to go to the sock hop with me?”

Girl: “Swerve, I’m already going to the chocolate shoppe with Danny!”

 3. SMH

Finally, we’ve found another acronym. This stands for “shaking my head,” and is a popular term used in texting and online messaging. I just can’t stand it when these kinds of abbreviations are used in everyday personal conversations.

Use it in a sentence:

Parent: “Bobby, I can’t believe you got an F on your English paper! This is not how we raised you.”

Bobby: “I’m so sorry, dad.”

Parent: “SMH, Bobby. S. M. H.”

Dude 1: “What.”

 2. Chirp

I only heard this term upon coming to Boston where I had a hallmate constantly whine about other people “chirping” behind other people’s backs. To “chirp” is another way to describe talking behind someone’s back, or insulting someone. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that the Robins and Blue Jays in the morning are actually insulting all the other woodland creatures in a language they can’t understand.

Use it in a sentence:

Dude 1: You’ve got such negativity, man. There’s not need to be chirping so much.

Dude 2: Yeah…I’m not a bird…I don’t think…

 1. Ratchet

Personally, I hate this term to most, which is why I have ranked it number one on this list. I don’t understand it, I don’t know where it came from, and I certainly don’t see how a socket wrench (the actual definition of the term) has anything to do with the generalizations that used to describe a person who is “ratchet.” Some of these stereotypes include: weaves, overweight, caked in makeup people who like to blast Drake from their Blackberry.

Use it in a sentence:

Dude 1: “Yo, that girl is falling down over the dumpster over there. She’s so ratchet.”

Dude 2: “Personally, I don’t think she’s anything like a socket wrench.”

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