10 Tips Dr. Oz Never Told You About How To Combat Nausea Due To Acid Reflux

For anybody who has ever struggled with gastro-intestinal problems, you can attest to the fact that feeling acid back up in your esophagus and cause you to become as nauseous as a first-trimester pregnant woman. After struggling with acid reflux for over six years, I’ve found a few tips that have helped me ease the side effects, and hopefully they’ll help you, too!

(Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, just a sassy, constantly nauseous college kid so please don’t take any of this as actual medical advice).

10. It’s Time To Kick It and Chew Bubblegum…

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Everyone’s real favorite pastime is chewing gum. Not only does it make your mouth taste like an artificial watermelon or the inside of a toothpaste bottle, but it can also relieve your worst nausea. According to WebMD, all of that chewing and saliva (which, actually, is an acid buffer), makes you swallow more often and push all that acid out of your esophagus. Make sure you steer clear of all those sugar filled gum, though. Not only does the flavor only last about fifteen seconds, it’s also awful for your teeth.

9. Peppermint

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This remedy makes your breath smell good and kissable, and it also settles some nasty stomach pains. Peppermint oil is filled with compounds that have an antispasmodic effect that can help your indigestion woes. It truly is a miracle oil as it has also been proven to relax muscles, help colds and relieve pain associated with digestive problems. I typically stick a piece of 5 Peppermint gum in my mouth if I’m on the run and having struggles with my acid reflux. If you don’t like gum, keep a handful of peppermint candies in your purse or pocket. If you don’t have any, I’m sure your grandmother will.

8. No Naps For You!

Eating makes me really sleepy and I have no problem passing out for a few hours after a good meal, but that can also have a worse effect on your acid reflux. Doctors recommend waiting at least three hours after you eat before lying down, which means no midnight snacking, you sneaky you! I know it’s tough, but once you get in the habit of not lying down after you eat, you’ll become more active, your digestive system will work better and you’ll be a brand new person in no time.

7. Change Your Diet

But you don’t want to give up pizza and coffee and junk food, I know, I know, but sometimes these types of food can make your acid reflux worse. It’s different for everyone. However, one thing that the medical community seems to agree on is if you’re having a lot of troubles with this disease, that most likely a diet change is in order. Citrus foods like oranges, tomatoes and lemons can have a nasty effect on the body including terrible heartburn. Spicy foods, highly caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea can also trigger worse symptoms. My best advice: make good eating choices. If you know that the Thai Chicken Curry you had for dinner is going to make you throw up all night, maybe it’s best to leave that out of your diet from now on.

6. Heartburn Medication and OTC Remedies

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If you’ve been struggling for a while with acid-reflux, it may be time to check out some of your other options. The most popular meds that are used to deal with heartburn and other acid related issues are Prevacid, Prilosec and Zegerid, which you can buy at your local drugstore. These proton pump inhibitors are used for two weeks, and if you’re still having trouble with the icky feeling in your stomach, it may be time to visit a doctor to see if there are other paths you can take.

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