2017’s Most Intelligent Universities

Getting into a University is a major concern for all college-bound students. Getting into a good school is an even more important factor in continuing your education. Many considerations contribute to deciding on the right school for academic programs, to prestige, and even to ease or difficulty of classes.  All of these factors are used to define the intelligence of a University; after all, don’t we all want an excellent education?  Many factors and viewpoints determine different rankings for the best schools, but for this list, we will examine accepted applicants average SAT scores and how they excel in the degree programs that they are offered.

For those of you seeking out the best education at the best school, below is a list of the top ten most intelligent universities to consider in 2017:

10. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, Needham, Massachusetts

The first of a few schools located in Massachusetts, this college sees students entering with an average SAT score of 1475. The small school has only a total undergraduate enrollment of fewer than four hundred students. However, those students make up a decent percentage of intellectual engineers-to-be. Franklin W. Olin College’s intelligence factor lies in its curriculum which focuses on a science and engineering basis, a keen emphasis on entrepreneurship, and liberal arts studies for a fully rounded college education. According to 2017 ranking by U.S. News, the career outlook after college is high, putting this intelligent university on the list for students seeking a higher percentage of employment prospects after graduation. This includes the added entrepreneurship element with many graduates aiming to start up national and international businesses.

9. Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri

Among its many graduate programs, this University also hosts the top-ranked George Warren Brown School of Social Work. This makes Washington University a top school for intelligent, competitive applicants seeking higher learning in social work or other social science disciplines. While the SAT score of 1478 of those accepted means that those applying have to work hard to get in, the active student body’s high-grade point average shows that they keep up with the competition and good work through to their degree completion. This is a good habit considering that many graduates go on to have careers in executive education.

8. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee

With a variety of programs offered, students thrive in a variety of areas at Vanderbilt, quite notably ranging from medicine to music. This University has boasted some of the top programs in the nation including the impressive Peabody College of Education and Human Development, which was listed 5th on the U.S. News and World Report for best graduate schools of education, as well as the esteemed Vanderbilt University Medical Center. When you incorporate the dignified schools for management, law, and engineering, it is easy to see why getting into this intelligent University is widely sought after. Students accepted into this University have an average SAT score of 1481.

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