A Single Man Dominating the Future of Online Poetry: Ten Must Know Facts About Steve Roggenbuck

5. He Places Lines of His Poetry On Memes, Tweets, and GifS

On his website www.livemylief.com, he takes lines of poetry from his books and places them onto photos, onto his Twitter account, and onto Gif videos, transforming the usage of modern day communication, typically not intended to be a very serious way of communicating, into a vehicle to speak his poetry. Here’s a line of his poetry in which he talks about Vin Diesel not knowing that humans are mortal.

4. The Majority of His Videos Reflect the Intentionally Jagged Nature of His Poetry, Then Conclude With Feelings of Positivism

Steve Roggenbuck intentionally makes videos that reflect the deeper meaning of his poetry – considering his poetry is made up of the stuff that is the basis of internet chatrooms, you can imagine his videos are an artistic reflection on 21st century society, with people’s attention spans, dedicated to Twitter, Buzzfeed articles, are reduced to that of a fruit fly, taking in new information in the form of social media speak every second. His videos are kind of like that; here is a video of him of him saying short lines of his poetry through a variety of different environments, ultimately ending on a note of utter positivism. Make something beautiful in your life.

3. EVERYONE Is Talking About Him

For a poet, Steve has had unprecedented success in getting other people to talk about him. With features in the New Yorker, a shout out in Rolling Stone Magazine, and even a feature in the ultra hip online publication Impose Magazine, Steve Roggenbuck has become one of the most popular young artists on the Internet in any medium. Apparently, his unique style of avant-garde, deeply 21st-century poetry really resonates with people all over the world.

2. Conventional Poets Are Insanely Jealous of Him

All over YouTube and in the comments sections of some of his biggest features, jealous poets are producing videos, comments, tweets, and the like that demonstrate criticism of his work. I even showed one of my writing major friends his work, and she had difficulty understanding his major success.

Like any other artistic medium, if you want to make it in the arts, you simply have to be different, and you have to get your name out there. Steve should be the model for other poets, who wish to express their true inner voices, but are afraid to let their deepest feelings and artistic tendencies come to light.

1. His Latest Book On Poetry Is Hilarious, Inspiring, Original, Beautiful, and Contains Many Selfies

Book Excerpt

Excerpt From Steve Roggenbuck’s Latest Masterpiece

So you should buy it and download it immediately and say you supported a truly innovative artist.

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