Avoid These 10 Foods for a Healthy Low Oxalate Diet

7. Canned or Dried Fruits

While most fresh fruits have low levels of oxalate, there are some you should still be weary of. Oranges, dates, avocados, grapefruit and some other fruits are pretty high in oxalate content; one date alone has a total of 24 mg.

Definitely avoid any dried or canned fruits as well – dried fruits have the water sucked out of them, which can result in a much higher oxalate level. A half cup of canned pineapple averages about 24 mg of oxalate, which is very high; a half cup of dried pineapple averages 30 mg. If you need pineapple, go fresh – a one cup serving has only 4 mg. For a healthier dried fruit option that is low in oxalate, try cranberry, apples or apricots.

6. Potatoes

potatoes photo

Potatoes are one of the most versatile foods and are found in a number of households. Whether it’s baked potato, french fries, mashed, roasted or even potato chips, this vegetable is pretty high in oxalate. Take potato chips for instance – a one-ounce serving has 21 mg of oxalate alone, and let’s face it, many of us can easily eat much more than a single ounce of potato chips. Then we have a baked potato with skin; think this would have less than the chips? Nope. A baked potato ranks in with just under 100 mg of oxalate.

Though potatoes are quite the crowd pleaser, they are best avoided if you need a low oxalate diet. If you need to satisfy that chip fix, try corn chips, popcorn or pretzels; these options all have 7 mg or less of oxalate.

5. Soups

A number of soups are high in oxalate content, most primarily miso soup, but also chowders and lentil soup. Miso soup certainly takes the cake here with a total of 111 mg for a one cup serving. The potatoes in the chowder are what causes the downfall for this hearty soup, it is lower compared to miso and lentil, but still brings in about 13 mg per cup. Lentil isn’t as high as miso, but it still averages a pretty high amount of oxalate – about 39 mg per cup.

If you need to warm yourself up with some soup, go for chicken noodle or a veggie beef soup that have 5 mg or less of oxalate.

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