Discover the 10 Best Cities for Finding a Job In America

As America gradually slinks out of what could be the most impacting recession in our country’s entire history, our citizens are collectively finding more and more opportunities for employment. Certainly, the job economy is still difficult, but if you are one of the desperate job-seekers that still comprise America’s national unemployment rate of nearly 7%, then you can take solace in knowing that there are places in America that are nearly desperate to employ you.

Indeed, there are some cities whose unemployment rates are so low that there is nearly one unemployed person per every job opening. As someone who used to live in New York City, a city that is cut-throat competitive for potential job seekers, this statistic is completely mind-blowing!

Without further ado, here are the ten best places to find a job in America.

10. Boston, MA

A city with an incredibly diverse amount of employment options, Boston is an epicenter of opportunity, boasting over 5 dozen college institutions, including Harvard, MIT, and Boston University, employing tens of thousands of residents. Additionally, the city is a worldwide leader in finance, government activities, and in the practice of law, among a wealth of other business practices. Boston, as well as neighboring cities Cambridge and Quincy, boast, at 5.5%, one of the most favorable unemployment rates in the country, good for an entire percent below the national average of 6.5%. Additionally, people who enjoy working in technology will find themselves very happy in a city like Boston, a city that has always been at the forefront of change and innovation. Although the cost to live in Boston is high, the salaries are much higher in Boston than they are in most American cities.

9. San Jose, CA

According to website, San Jose, CA has seen a 22% increase in job growth within the last two years! Indeed, with an unemployment rate that is less than 6%, San Jose is one of the best places to find a job in the entire US. Some of the top employers in San Jose include many of the most important businesses working today, including EBay, the world’s largest online re-seller, Cisco Systems, a multinational networking equipment company, and Hitachi, an engineering and electronics company. Other top employers include the Santa Clara government, which is the county overseeing San Jose, as well as San Jose State University.

With a scene bustling in education, technology, and engineering, among numerous other fields, San Jose is one of the top places to find a job in America.

8. Plano, TX

An affluent city that is host to several headquarters of the top companies in the entire world, including JCPenny, Pizza Hut, and Capital One Financial Services, it is no wonder that Plano is one of the best cities in America for finding a job. Indeed, Plano houses several businesses that employ many thousands of people, including Bank of America Home Loans, Dell Computers, and even a major division of Hewlett-Packard. Deemed the most affluent city in America by the United States Census Bureau in 2008, Plano is home to not just a diverse opportunity of jobs, but jobs that pay much better than the national average.

7. Odessa, TX

Citizens of this popular town nearly always are able to land themselves into a job opportunity, as more than 96% of this town find themselves employed in one of the many sectors of Odessa or a nearby city. Some companies that have distribution centers in Odessa include Coca Cola and Family Dollar, both of which employ several hundreds of people. Outside of major retail distribution, the economy is propelled by the oil industry, and even hosts a popular trade event called the Permian Basin International Oil Show annually.

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