Discover the 10 Best Cities for Finding a Job In America

6. Washington, DC

Believe it or not, the populous city of Washington, DC is one of the very best places in America to find a job. With an unemployment rate of less than 5.5%, the citizens of DC are most frequently employed by the government or by higher educational institutions, according to US News. Because of the driving force of the government economy in DC, a number of businesses, ranging from law firms to non-profits, mark their headquarters in Washington, DC. Indeed, because of the incredible economic activity of Washington DC, there is typically one job opening per unemployed person. Yes, you read that right: if you are unemployed and wish to live in a major metropolis, especially if you want to work in government, then you are nearly certain to eventually find a place to work in Washington, DC.

5. Rapid City, SD

Boasting one of the lowest unemployment rates in the entire country, Rapid City is a hidden gem for employment in America. Indeed, with an unemployment rate of 3%, the city’s average is less than half of the national metropolitan average of 6.5%. The employment sectors in South Dakota are based around activities in industry, including sand & gravel mining, ammunition manufacture, and ranch equipment production, as well as in government. Indeed, the largest employer of residents of Rapid City in the local government, with many men and women employed in the local army and Ellsworth Air Force Base. The local healthcare system employs over 8,000 people as well.

Indeed, with such a diverse amount of employment opportunities, a job-seeker who is good with hands-on positions blue-collar positions may find a great deal of employment opportunity in Rapid City, South Dakota.

4. Lincoln, NE

Along with Rapid City, SD, Lincoln boasts one of the most impressively low unemployment rates in the country at 3.4%. Lincoln is home a number of businesses that employs multiple thousands of people, including the State of Nebraska, the highly ranked University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and the non-profit healthcare organization Bryan Health.  If you are looking to start or join a lucrative business, then look no further than Lincoln, Nebraska. Ranked as the 4th best city in 2013 for Buinesses and Careers by Forbes, Lincoln is an economic epicenter excellent for those looking to succeed in a future job.

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