Discover the 10 Best Cities for Finding a Job In America

3. Logan, UT

Boasting an incredibly low employment rate of 3.3%, among the lowest of all metropolitan areas in the entire US, Logan is a true hidden gem for job seekers of America. Indeed, Logan is home to an unprecedentedly wide variety of booming economic sectors, including healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, education, and even retail. Some businesses and institutions located in Logan include Utah State University, a leading American research university, Thermo Fisher Scientific, a leading technology manufacturing company, and Gossner Foods, a top dairy foods manufacturer. For those interested in a career in media or the arts, the city is home to a number of newspapers, information-website groups, and radio stations. For a true hidden gem of America, look no further than Logan, UT.

2. Billings, MT

A city that is experiencing unprecedentedly fast growth and an incredibly viable economy, Billings, Montana is one of the most desirable locations for finding a job in America. And why not? With over ½ million workers living and commuting to the city every single day, Billings is one of the busiest metropolises not just in the state of Montana, but in the entire country. With almost 97% of the working population employed, Billings has achieved what some could interpret as impossible – being an incredibly diverse city with an astoundingly low unemployment rate.

Aspiring entrepreneurs ought to look to no further than Billings, Montana when starting a business: indeed, Forbes Small Business ranked Billings as the very best city to start a business in 2009. And what a great place for those looking to start or join a business – Billings has an expansive and hyper-growing medical sector, a number of Fortune 500 companies, and a surprisingly active retail economy. Indeed, according to Wikipedia, for every $7 spent in retail in the entire state of Montana, $1 of it is spent in Billings. The city’s education sector is also prominent, with Rocky Mountain College and Montana State University, Billings being two predominant employers in the area.

1. Bismarck, ND

Finally, we have arrived at the no. 1 spot, which turns out to be none other than the capital of North Dakota, Bismarck. As of July 2014, Bismarck has the absolute the lowest unemployment rate of all cities at an astonishingly low 2.2%. A city that has a surprising amount of economic diversity, some major employers in the area include businesses in non-profit healthcare, government services, energy, retail, and even education. Some of these major employers include Sanford Health, which employs over 25,000 people, as well as the St. Alexius Medical Center and Bismarck Public Schools, both of which employ nearly 5,000 people. The state government itself employs well over 4,000 people in Bismarck, a city which is considered by Forbes magazine to be the economic epicenter of south-central North Dakota.

North Dakota continuously leads the nation in job growth, with over 100,000 new jobs placed in the entire state since 2007, which is utterly impressive for a territory with a total population of less than 750,000 people. With a projected job growth of nearly 3.5% every single year, Bismarck is not only one of the best places in the country to currently get a job in one of its many profitable sectors, but it also will continue to be one of the dominating cities for job-seekers in years to come.

Cover Photo by Colby Perry  Via Flickr Creative Commons

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