Discover the 10 Best Schools for Mechanical Engineering

7. University of California—Berkeley

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is a large academic department within the College of Engineering. Berkeley Mechanical Engineering is consistently rated as one of the best mechanical engineering departments worldwide. The active teaching and research labs are packed with diverse faculty and students sharing innovative concepts. A degree from Berkeley opens doors to major career opportunities in any field.

Emphasizing innovation and impact, Berkeley Engineering is a top ranked engineering school because the drive to change the world for the better is alive in both students and faculty. They are not afraid to challenge conventional methods, and immense value is placed on creativity and imagination. They refer to themselves as, “a village of entrepreneurs and collaborators within the big city of a renowned public university.” Berkeley Engineering strives to make a world of difference.

The San Francisco Bay region and Silicon Valley is the ideal location for this top-rated mechanical engineering school. The National Science Foundation and other government agencies primarily fund research projects.

6. National University of Singapore (NUS)

The National University of Singapore’s Mechanical Engineering department consistently ranks in the top ten worldwide. The academic, research, technical and administrative staff works to hone students into leaders in the multidisciplinary world of mechanical engineering.

The curriculum is reviewed and regularly revised to ensure relevance in the current market. The University offers a broad education that helps solidify the fundamentals of community and leadership values in students. With a focus on global issues, they offer different overseas exchange programs that are designed to expand the global experience in acquiring a mechanical engineering degree. Students showing exceptional potential are invited to participate in the Global Engineering Program (GEP).

5. Stanford University 

Stanford’s Department of Mechanical Engineering has a core mission to tackle crucial issues facing humanity, especially in fields of health, energy, and transportation. The department’s philosophy aims to push limits beyond the possible using a combination of methodologies that incorporates design thinking, computational simulation, control systems and multi-scale approaches.

The Mechanical Engineering Department offers a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering (MSME), plus one specialized degree (Master of Science in Engineering: Product Design). This program is designed for students wishing to enter the industry as a practicing professional. During the Master year, students become actively involved in research projects and a thesis is not required.

For students who wish to follow a more specialized field of study, they also offer a Master’s of Science in Engineering with no field designation.

In addition, an MS in Engineering (no field designation) is available to students who wish to follow an interdisciplinary program of study. This program requires an additional year of study, a research thesis and a faculty member willing to supervise research.

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