Discover the 10 Best Schools for Mechanical Engineering

4. University of Cambridge

The Department of Engineering is a top leader in international engineering worldwide. It is the largest department at the University of Cambridge, and the largest integrated engineering department in the U.K. Because engineering disciplines are integrated into one department, the department serves as an incubating hub of collective engineering solutions.

Renowned for its collaborative teaching and integrated research approach, the department teams with businesses, entrepreneurs, institutions and other disciplines to find solutions through partnerships.

3. Imperial College of London 

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London is another world leader in the study of mechanical engineering. The small campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a top-rated international staff that help attract exceptional students.

Beyond the core academics, the teaching facilities have well-equipped student workshops where students can learn to master their craft using top industry tools and develop industry skills. The Mechanical Engineering degree places emphasis on the development of imagination, creativity, intellectual agility and capability of working collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams.

Imperial College has an academic focus that motivates students to succeed and exceed expectations. However, it does have an active student union and a booming social scene, with all of London to explore.

2. Georgia Institute of Technology – Georgia Tech (GT)

The Georgia Tech College of Engineering is known as a global leader, with undergraduate and graduate programs receiving some of the highest ranks in the world. Each of their engineering schools are all top ranked in their fields.

Stated as a best value in multiple reviews, students receive a superior academic experience without accumulating ludicrous student debt. The university is highly diverse engineering grads report average salary earnings of around $61,000.

The course load at Georgia Tech is known to be very rigorous. Those who are not devoted to getting the most out of their education should attend school elsewhere. The challenging curriculum filters out those who are not serious about their education and career. Proud graduates of Georgia Tech are well prepared for challenging positions in the workforce and have a better success of landing lucrative positions.

1. MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is noted as one of the world’s most prestigious private universities. For many years, MIT’s School of Engineering has been considered the highest ranked engineering school by several national and international university rankings.

The school has a history of producing award-winning graduates and working with revered affiliates. Those who are accepted into MIT will receive an education that will help them succeed in traditional mechanical engineering fields, as well as more progressive markets such as robotics, sustainable technology, and biomedical technology.

Graduates of any of these programs will enter the world with a solid background in the practice and principles of mechanical engineering, while be exposed to new concepts, methods, and technologies.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for mechanical engineers in 2015 was $83,590.  It is a valued position in society that requires many years of discipline, desire, and instruction. Mechanical engineers develop tools, engines, and machines that are used in our everyday activities. Graduates of these top mechanical engineering schools are producing top engineers that will lead the world in new and innovate advances in engineering.

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