Discover the 10 Best Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

The secret is out – one of the best and absolute most effective ways to lose weight is through consuming juiced fruits and vegetables.

With so many effective juicing recipes available on the web, you have an unprecedented opportunity to learn exactly what to drink in order to slim down into your best shaped beach body for summer (its only a few months away now!).

Don’t believe me? One of the world’s most renowned physicians, Dr. Oz, even recommends drinking fruit and vegetable juices as a means to lose weight.

And why is that?

Well quite simply, drinking juiced fruits and vegetables provides your body with superior nutrients, including Vitamin C, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and anthocyanins, among many other hard-to-pronounce words.

Studies consistently show that intake of these essential nutrients is critical for burning fat off your body.

Additionally, most fruit juices have nominal to moderate amounts of natural sugars. These sugars contribute to your overall body mass far less than artificially sweetened fruit juices.

And best of all, fruit and vegetables juices are a low calorie and delicious accompaniment to meals.

They are safe for nearly anyone on any kind of diet.

So what are the ten best juicing recipes for losing weight?

After many hours of compiling and studying various recipes found throughout the web, we have found the ten very best ones you can start drinking today to minimize your fatness while maximizing your fitness.

Now how does that sound to you?

Of course, before beginning any weight loss program, always consult your doctor for the best approach for you.

Without further ado, here are the ten very best juicing recipes for weight loss for your consumption:

10. Carrot, Lemon, & Green Tea

carrot  photo

Photo by starbright (Pixabay)

One of the worst ways we pack on the pounds is through our morning coffee.

True, black coffee itself has virtually no calories per cup.

That said, the milk and sugar we add to our morning coffee is terrible for us who wish to lose weight.

Also, although coffee does have some antioxidants, a juice consisting of lemon, carrot, and green tea not only is hugely superior in terms of antioxidant nutrition, it can also provide for you that needed boost to get up early in the morning.

Green tea (as well as white tea and black tea) are natural sources of caffeine. Matcha green tea, in particular, not only has caffeine amounts comparable to coffee, but also has antioxidant counts that are among the highest out of all foods.

For a 16 oz. delicious carrot, lemon, and green tea concoction, use 14-15 ounces of carrot, squeezed lemon, and a small amount of green tea.

9. Blackberry, Pear, Pineapple & Kiwi

I know how much you love to eat desserts.

How do I know this?

It’s simple; humans are born with a sweet tooth. We naturally crave fruit sugars as these are the foods that provide for us the healthiest boosts

Think of this quadruple fruit juice as a replacement for your dessert – if you drink even up to 32 ounces of this juice every night instead of opting for your ice cream and cupcakes, I absolutely guarantee you will lose weight quickly.

Blueberries are among the foods highest in antioxidants – think of this delicious fruit juice as your health savior.

If you want to add some zing to this juice, try adding on some peppermint: you’d be surprised at how tasty this concoction can get for you.

8. Watermelon and Tomato

The beauty of juicing is that you can be as minimalist as you like.

Think of your juices like a sculpture, except for health purposes: do you want your masterpiece to be enigmatic, complex, and fancy, or would you prefer simpler architecture for the most effective health results?

Enter the classic watermelon and tomato smoothie – at just two ingredients, vegetable juices don’t get much more minimalist than this one.

And yet the satisfaction behind its economic deliciousness cannot be beat.

So how does this one help you lose weight?

Well, of all the juices on this list, it is perhaps the lowest in calories per serving.

By juicing watermelon and tomato together, you get an incredibly refreshing, easy-to-drink recipe that can become a hallmark cornerstone of your daily beverage intake.

Forget those commercially prepared tomato juices – not only are they not nearly as delicious as this watermelon juice, they also use concentrate tomatoes and add in way too much artificial sugar.

Drink healthy and lose weight the right way with this two-ingredient juice.

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