Discover the 10 Best Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

3. Red, Green, or Purple Cabbage, Blueberry, Apple, Cucumber

You want to talk vegetables that can help you lose tremendous amounts of weight?

Let’s talk cabbage.

Red, green, and purple cabbage is one of the richest sources in the entire world for Vitamin K, an important immune boosting nutrient. has an entire article on the health-promoting effects of cabbage, as well as how it can help contribute to your weight loss.

This recipe is incredibly low in total caloric load, making it an ideal choice for someone not only looking to boost their health in a unique and positive way, but also for someone who is trying to slim down their waist before beach season this coming summer.

2. Carrot, Apple, Ginger Root

There’s just something so remarkably magical about the combined taste of carrot and apple juices.

But more importantly, there’s just something so remarkable about ginger!

Ginger, like turmeric, is among the most potent anti-inflammatory substances we can consume for our body.

Additionally, according to, ginger exhibits great promise and benefit when it comes to losing weight.

Additionally, ginger helps moderate cholesterol, strengthens immunity, and is excellent for digestion.

All of these things spell one ultimate conclusion: ginger is a precious herb we can take advantage of for losing weight.

1. Dr. Oz’s Green Drink

I have to put my hands up to Dr. Oz for composing this delicious, smooth, and delightful beverage.

The magic combination of spinach, cucumber, parsley, celery, mint, carrot, apple, orange, lime, lemon, and pineapple, Dr. Oz’s trademark green drink, is a potent beverage that can help you maximize weight loss.

Of all the juices on this list, this one packs the most nutritional powerhouse: it is unbelievably dense in antioxidants, which are critical for neutralizing “free radicals” in our body, which are oxidizing agents (they age use faster).

Additionally, considering the fact this juice has nearly one dozen ingredients, it is incredibly light in terms of its total caloric load.

If you are looking for the ultimate weight loss beverage, look no further than this powerful, delectable, waist-slimming juice; it has the power to not only transform your weight, it also could be the most deliciously satisfying health miracle to ever touch your lips.

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