Explore the 10 Best Colleges for Industrial Design

7. Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Commonly known as Virginia Tech, Virginia Polytechnic Institute accommodates over 33,000 undergraduate and graduate students, providing over 250-degree programs. According to a number of national and international reports, Virginia tech is one of the top ranking colleges across the globe. Not only are the school’s educational rankings high, but Princeton Review reports Virginia top in best campus food and the happiest students, among other ratings.

Virginia Tech recognizes the importance of industrial design to meet the needs and demands of today’s markets.

The industrial design industry’s dynamic structure and thriving presence helps to drive a number of needs across various business sectors. Virginia Polytechnic Institute requires 6 credit-hours of career-focused elective courses as well, allowing students to gain experience in a career setting. Industrial design students are recommended to take interest in a range of different subjects, including marketing, ceramics, wood science, digital art, color theory, sculpture and many others.

6. Auburn University

Located in Auburn, Alabama, Auburn University was founded over 150 years ago and is known for becoming the very first land-grant college in the south in 1872. Auburn’s extensive campus has over 200 academic buildings, offers more than 140 majors and over 300 clubs and organizations.

Under the College of Architecture, Design, and Construction, Auburn University’s industrial design journey begins with a “pre-industrial design” program. Students must first complete a minimum of 24 credit hours, and then they may enroll in what’s known as the First Year Summer Design Studio. Like other universities, Auburn is very selective within its acceptances for industrial design. About 45 students are chosen to join the program each year once they have finished the summer design course.

The industrial design department at Auburn University is very active in a number of outside organizations and programs. Through this curriculum, students work with their fellow classmates in a 14-week collaboration with a certain business or industry; this is free for students and funded through the Department.

5. Pratt Institute

Established in 1887, the Pratt Institute is well known for its notable design majors. Being located in New York City, the opportunities for design students span a large spectrum. The college’s core values are focused on centering its academics around aesthetics, as well as technology, professionalism, and teamwork.

The great advancements and growth in technology have caused industrial design needs to increase over recent years. No matter where you go, people are always trying to stay connected to the world through their wireless devices, and now a number of other items. The Internet of Things (Iot) has allowed appliances, TVs, medical devices and other accessories to stay linked to the internet and other applications, and provide a number of additional convenient features.

The Pratt Institute recognizes the huge opportunity for industrial design students and focuses on providing an innovative and advanced learning environment to mirror the actual industry. The College provides diverse specialized studios for their upperclassmen, including furniture design, food and table top design, interdisciplinary design and more.

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