Finding a Job is Not Easy – Discover the 10 Best Job Search Sites Today

Finding the right job can be very stressful, especially when you don’t even know where to start. You can start with a basic online search, but where do you go from there – How do you know this is a legitimate site that doesn’t post spam or hoard viruses? There are tons of online job search sites that list a number of job opportunities everyday, but which is the most trustworthy? Not to worry, here is a top ten list of some of the best job search sites out there.

10. USA Jobs, by Direct Employers, is a quite unique way to search for a new job. Job seekers are able to enter in specific keywords directly into the URL itself to find exactly what they are looking for. For example, is a sector of the main website of, but includes only jobs available in the United States. You can make your search even more specific by editing the URL to include the title or field of the job you are looking for, such as or From there, users can filter by locations and additional keywords.

9. Dice

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Dice, now owned by DHI Group, Inc., is a leading job search site specializing in technology and engineer-based career opportunities. offers much more than just job listings too – the website aims to be a leading hub for technology and engineering professionals alike, offering a number of resources and more. Site visitors on Dice are able to search for their ideal tech job (currently, there are over 80,000 listed), read up on the latest technology news, learn about the newest insights in the field, and even see what searches are currently trending.

8. Ladders is one of the most reliable and comprehensive job search websites available. Ladders positions itself as an “ally of happy, successful careers”, and focuses on giving the job seeker full control by offering the ideal tools, insights, and connections necessary for finding the right job. Founded in 2003, Ladders’ original goal was to help job seekers and employers fill over 100,000 available jobs. Since then, Ladders has grown to one of the largest businesses in its industry, and is used by more than 8 million individuals and 100,000 employers across the globe.

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