If You Don’t Use These Ten Best Methods to Boost Your Productivity, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

5. If You Are Able, Quit the Day Job You Dislike to Focus On Your Dreams

By totally burning the bridges that you have in your life, you are forcing yourself to become a more productive person. When you put yourself up for the challenge of becoming the person you want to be, all of the sudden incredible things can begin to happen. However, you should be financially stable for at least a period of one year in order to be able to quit your day job to truly focus on your goals. Otherwise, you will be scrambling for money.

4. Work On Your Inner Self

When your inner self and outer self are incongruent, then you will have almost no chance at being a productive person. So, find out the things that are really stressing you out, getting you down, and making you a generally unhappy person, then work like there is nothing else in the world that matters to you to completely change your attitude and outlook. Only when you can embrace and love who you are on the inside are you ready to become someone who can work eight hours a day on your own passions and goals.

3. Paint a Picture In Your Mind of You At Your End Goal

Whether it be money, a significant other, an epically sculpted body, a start-up business, or just about anything else that you could desire, always keep your mind singularly on the end result. By painting a picture in your own head about what it is that you can do with your own life, you are auto-suggesting to yourself that you can indeed have the things you want. Paint this picture of yourself every single day – if you are an artist, literally draw this picture of yourself so you can look at it everyday. Just having it in your head everyday though is completely sufficient.

2. Involve Others In Your Project(s)

Everyone wants to be their own boss, and many entrepreneurial productive types think they can accomplish everything on their very own. Unfortunately, this is usually not true; involving other people in the projects you are creating not only gets fresher minds involved in your project, but it also gives you the opportunity to extend your personal network and reach. Also, let’s not forget, humans are naturally social beings, and working with others is a great way to enhance your personal happiness.

1. Blog About It

Need a way to stay accountable for your productivity? There are many interesting methods for doing so, but one of the most practical ones is to blog about your experiences. Simply go to WordPress.org or wordpress.com, start a blog, and share it with your friends and family, especially your closest relatives and companions. Blogging about your personal goals is an incredible method for staying on top of your personal interests while creating a digital stage for onlookers to watch you progress. Here’s to the rest of 2014 being incredibly productive.

More Resources

If you are serious about boosting your productivity to the next level, I highly recommend you read this. A fantastic read by David Allen, he lays out the foundation for how relaxation and clearing your mind is the ultimate key to productivity.

Cover Photo by Walt Stoneburner Via Flickr Creative Commons

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