Ranking The Ten Most Difficult Sports On the Decathlon Events List

 5. Javelin Throw

Much like the shot put and the discus throw, the javelin throw consists of an athlete throwing a javelin as far as he can. Unlike the other throwing events, the competitor is allowed to build up speed and momentum prior to throwing the javelin. Known as one of the most difficult events in the triathlon, the javelin throw is only for the most fit and athletic.

 4. 1,500 Meters

1500 meters photo

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An intensive race that spans almost an entire mile, athletes are pitted against each other to run as fast as possible over the course of three full track laps as well as an additional ¾ of a full track lap. The most competitive high school athletes will finish this race around the 5 minute mark – the world record holders have done it in about three minutes. I don’t know about you, but when I ran a mile back in high school, I’m pretty sure I had to stay late just to finish that one event.

 3. 110 Meter Hurdles

hurdles photo

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This famous event consists of runners having to run 110 meters while consistently jumping over hurdles that are 42 inches in height. The insane vertical leap, combined with the speed and agility necessary to even complete this task, makes this event one of the most difficult in the entire decathlon.

2. High Jump

high jump photo

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Possibly one of the most dangerous events in the decathlon, the high jump utilizes incredible speed and strength by the performer to leap incredibly high verticals. Accidentally hitting the pole on your way up or down can cause one to fall from a height as a high as five, six, or seven feet, which could result in injury. The reward for successfully winning this decathlon event is simple – incredible respect from your fans and competitive peers.

 1. Pole Vault

pole vault photo

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One of the most unusual and likely the most difficult track-and-field events, the pole vault is the most difficult event due to the fact that it requires unbelievable and advanced ability on a piece of very specialized equipment. With the aid of a long pole, athletes are required to vault especially high over a tall vertical pole. The amount of strength and technique that is necessary for this event far surpasses any other decathlon event, and although this event likely poses the highest risk of injury, it is also one of the most time-tested feats of athletic ability in the world. In fact, it is a full-medaled event at the Summer Olympics.

Photo by d[O_o]b Via Flickr Creative Commons

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