Ten Essential Tips On How to Build a Drift Trike You Can Be Proud of

In a subculture of America’s subculture, drift trikes have become all the rage. Drift trikes are exactly what they sound like – they are three-wheeled bicycles that are designed for racing and, well, drifting. If you don’t know what drifting is, then check out this Fast and the Furious clip.

Now imagine that, but on a tricycle…going downhill! Zoom!

Believe it or not, these things are not only popular, but they are also incredibly fun. Here’s the best trike drifting demonstration on the web. And the best part is that these puppies are incredibly easy to build! Although you can purchase drift trikes, you can also build them yourselves, which is way more fun anyway. Here are my ten tips for building the drift trike of your wildest dreams.

10. Use a 20’’ BMX Bike Wheel As the Front Wheel

These wheels just seem to be the best for building drift trikes, as they are the most ideal size. If it’s smaller, then your bike won’t drift as much, but if it is bigger, than your legs will actually be dragging all over the place, due to the nature of the construction.

 9. The Distance Between the Ends of the Back Two Wheels Should Be Slightly More Than Three Feet

drift trike photo

Photo by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious Via Flickr Creative Commons

This is the best distance that most drift trikers around the web can typically agree on. If it’s anything beyond approximately 3.2 feet, or one meter, then it becomes difficult to actually drift, and your bike could become less stable.

8. Put Pegs On Your Front Wheel

drift trike photo

Photo by Jimmy Racer Via Flickr Creative Commons

If you have built a beautiful bike but have absolutely no place to put your feet, what good is that going to do for you? Be sure to put two pegs on each side of your front wheel so you can have a place for your legs.

 7. Consider Adding Pedals

As you can see in the trike drift bikes in the video above, there are no pedals on these drift trikes. Still, adding pedals isn’t a bad idea – you won’t always have access to a van pulling you on a rope when you are riding these puppies, so adding pedals could be a smart investment of your time.

6. Consider Using a Welder

welder photo

Photo by Savannah River Site Via Flickr Creative Commons

In order to make a great frame for your drift trike, you will likely need a welder to create the frame for you. It would be difficult to create a frame on your own, however, some “no weld” drift trikes do exist. Here’s a guy who has a good method for bolting together your very first drift trike.

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