Ten Essential Tips On How to Build a Drift Trike You Can Be Proud of

5. Install PVC Pipes Onto the Back Wheels

In order to make your trike drift, consider adding PVC pipes onto the back wheels. PVC pipes are inexpensive and can be purchased at a place like the Home Depot. Though their intentional design is not for building trikes, they certainly do a good job on the wheels of the bike.

4. Invest In a Quality, Comfortable Seat

Your body will already be in an awkward angle when you sit on your trike, as the contraption inevitably forces the user to sit very low. Make sure your seat is comfortable, firm but not too firm, and made with high quality.

 3. Make Sure Your Front Wheel Has a Brake On It

brake photo

Photo by Juanedc Via Flickr Creative Commons

Most 20’’ standard BMX bike front wheels come with one brake already attached to it, but you will want to double check, as – outside of using your actual feet – there is no other brake on your bike. These things can go fast, especially when going downhill, so be sure that yours comes standard with at least one brake on the front wheel.

 2. Use Go Kart Wheels For the Back

drift Trike photo

Photo by Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz) Via Flickr Creative Commons

You can’t use standard tricycle or bicycle wheels for the back of your go kart; instead, use go-kart styled wheels, like the ones seen in the video at the beginning of this article. When you use those wheels after installing the PVC pipes, you are guaranteed to experience insane amounts of fast spins, Tokyo style.

 1. Choose The Material For Your Frame Wisely

drift Trike photo

Photo by Jimmy Racer Via Flickr Creative Commons

Sure, standard metal frames will gain tons of traction and speed while going downhill, but what about when you are going uphill? Opt for the aluminum frame, as going uphill will be much easier due to the lighter nature of the bike.

Not So Hot On Building a Drift Trike?

Oh come on, it’s so much fun! However, if you would rather just purchase one instead, there are some pretty stellar options on the market at relatively affordable prices.

Cover Photo by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious

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