Ten Reasons to Join Over 20,000 People Using Hypnosis For Weight Loss

One of the hottest new trends for weight loss is hypnosis, a tactic more often associated with hypnotists performing public shows involving participants doing acts of incredible hilarity under a persons authoritative spell. However, hypnosis has become an incredibly popular aid for weight loss, especially for people who are tired of dangerous fad diets and questionable “weight-loss” supplements. Actually highly touted for its calm, emotionally responsive and relaxing effect, hypnosis is a fantastic alternative therapy for all sorts of ailments.

However, there are actually many good reasons to try using hypnosis for weight loss. We list the ten best reasons below.

10. It Is a Safe, Non-Surgical Method

Hypnosis involves two people, a qualified hypnosis practitioner (usually a psychologist or counselor will have training in hypnosis) as well as a willing participant. There is no surgery, no drugs, and it is completely non-invasive. Hypnosis for weight-loss should be considered a safe and effective method for losing weight.

9. It Helps Heal the Compulsion of Emotional Eating

Hypnosis is meant to suppress the feelings of wishing to eat unhealthy foods while engaging the user in consuming healthier options. According to this article on Oprah, the goal of utilizing hypnosis for weight loss is to tackle the inner emotional struggle behind dangerous eating habits, giving patients the positive feelings they need to feel good about themselves and reject the dangerous, waist-bulging sweets.

8. My Dad Used Hypnosis and It Worked For Him

Although it wasn’t for weight loss, about thirty years ago my own mother threatened to leave my father if he did not shape up and stop smoking cigarettes. So what did he do? My father decided to reform his life and see a hypnosis specialist to help him end his cigarette addiction problems. The result? If you even try to mention the word “cigarette” in front of my father, he gets all clammed up, and begins telling you how bad they are for your body. Wow Dad!

7. The Price Is More Affordable Than Joining Weight Loss Programs

The price for a typical hypnosis session is comparable to a psychologist/therapist session, which is generally around $75-$150 per session, but when purchased for several sessions in advance, the cost can be around $400. This is actually a very reasonable cost compared to joining a high-end weight loss program as well as having to purchase recurring “weight loss” supplements that have questionable safety and efficacy.

6. Hypnosis Centers Are Becoming Very Common

If you live in a major city and type “hypnosis” into google, you will likely find a good list of hypnosis centers in your area.  Finding a hypnosis center has become less and less of an issue as the alternative therapy world has become more and more popular. I live in Boston, and I am finding nearly a dozen places that offer the practice of hypnosis – I am sure most of these have become familiar with the trend of utilizing hypnosis for weight loss.

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