Ten Reasons to Join Over 20,000 People Using Hypnosis For Weight Loss

5. You Will Not Actually Lose Control of Yourself

Despite the mainstream belief of the American populace, you will NOT lose control of yourself or be manipulated into performing acts of illegal or dangerous activity. It is proven that hypnosis does not give you the ability to do things that you would never otherwise do. In short, hypnosis does not alter your ethical codes and your system of beliefs.

4. Hypnosis Deals With the Subconscious Mind, Which Is 30,000 Times More Powerful Than Your Conscious Mind

Believe it or not, everything we do in life is not the result of a conscious decision, but rather, that of an unconscious decision. It has been proven that your subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind. So, when you are trying to shed those extra pounds and absolutely nothing has worked for you, would you rather appeal to your conscious mind to count calories, or reason with your subconscious to gain the feelings of positive energy necessary for losing weight? I know what you would pick.

 3. Other Methods, Like Counting Calories, Don’t Actually Work Well

The problem with counting calories is that you are constantly starving yourself as well as never relaxing while eating your food. Food shouldn’t be so stressful – that type of stress will actually have a negative impact on your self-esteem and coerce you into having sensational food cravings. Relax, try hypnosis, and until that point, stick to a whole foods diet of vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, and lean meat. You will be surprised at how fast you will lose weight.

 2. The Benefits You Will Achieve Extend Beyond Losing Weight

The goal behind hypnosis ultimately comes down to this one simple concept: enhancing personal development. Hypnosis often tackles questions that lie deep within your subconscious, leading to an emotional healing by providing a precedent to your positive qualities. The hypnotist’s suggestions in weight loss, for example, are not “cake and ice cream are very bad for me,” but rather, more along the lines of “my body is a machine that needs good food to run, and I deserve better than to treat it with harmful foods.” I am no hypnotist, but I would much rather focus on the positive feelings of a patient than emphasize the very long list of foods that are bad or good.

 1. It Works

Plain and simple, if nothing else matters to you, hypnosis for weight loss simply works. By diving into your subconscious mind, a qualified practitioner is able to change your emotional and logical perspective on food and on eating, providing with you the guidance necessary for achieving optimal, incredible health. Obesity is a rampant problem throughout the US – the solution for you could very well lie in positive, affordable, alternative subconscious therapy.

Cover Photo by jedhakuro Via Flickr Creative Commons

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