The Ten Most “OMG” Facts You Never Knew About Apple

When it comes to mega-companies worldwide, Apple, along with Google and Facebook, have risen to the very top of consumer’s hearts, a rare feat for a corporation of such large proportions. As such, they have also risen to the top of consumer’s wallets, with their customers bragging the world over about how they not only own Apple’s iPhone, but also Apple’s MacBook Pro and Apple’s 4th Generation iPad. Indeed, owning a triumvirate of Apple products is the ultimate symbol of status – I just can’t wait until Apple makes a smartcar, iJeans,  and apple-shaped trackpads.

The history of Apple is fraught with intriguing facts, dramatic personnel changes, a rocky beginning, so many products, and having more money than any other entity in the entire US (you read that correctly). These are the ten facts that will make any reader go “Omg!”

10. Steve Jobs Was Once Fired From Apple

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Photo by Danny Novo Via Flickr Creative Commons

In 1985, when the Chief Executive Officer of the Apple Corporation was not Steve Jobs, but rather, Apple teammate John Sculley, tensions ran high and were omnipresent. According to this story, after the release of a 1985 product called the “Apple 2,” the product was ridiculed worldwide as a toy, turning one of its chief inventors, Steve Jobs, into a very depressed executive. The story goes that he went to the Board of Directors to discuss a change in the marketing strategy in the company concerning the Apple 2; when the Board disagreed with him, no consensus could be made between the two parties. In 1985, Steve Jobs was fired from his own company.

9. They Have Over Twice As Much Cash As the US Government

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Photo by Via Flickr Creative Commons

According to this Forbes article published just a little over two months ago, Apple has nearly three times the cash of the US Government and over twice the cash of the UK Government. That means that even though the Government is funded by the tax paying dollars of over 300,000,000 citizens, Apple, with its stealthy marketing and solid products, are even richer than the US Government. Now how crazy is that!

8. Steve Jobs Felt He Didn’t Need to Take Showers

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Photo by Abode of Chaos Via Flickr Creative Commons

You heard that right: while still a student a Reed College, Steve Jobs completely and utterly felt that veganism/fruitarianism/faddietism would allow him to skip the shower.

One word: yikes!

Maybe eating a healthier diet can make you smell a little less, but let’s not completely reject all social conventions here Steve – no wonder when you got your first job at Atari, you were put into the night shift. Anyway, lesson learned: if you want to own a mega-corporation like Apple, just don’t shower! Oh, wait a minute…

7. One of the Three Founders of Apple Gave Up His Share For $800 In 1976 – It Would Have Been Worth Over $35 Billion Today

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Apple Co-Founder Ronald Wayne On Right: Photo by hellogeri Via Flickr Creative Commons

Everyone knows the names and stories of the two key Apple founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. But, what most people don’t know is that there was a third founder named Ronald Wayne, who was an employee at Atari at the same time Steve Jobs was. In 1976, all three of them put Apple together. However, just two weeks after Ronald Wayne was able to claim a 10% share in the company, he sold that share for a measly $800 back to his partners. Had he not sold that share, it would have been worth $35 Billion in 2011, and probably even more today. Perhaps the most costly stock sales in the history of mankind.

6. Income for the Company Doubled Every Four Months During the First Five Years of the Company’s Existence

If anyone is able to prove they are geniuses at timing, it would be Apple. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the term “computer” was becoming a buzzword, as the product, not yet a staple in every single home and office, still held an air of mystery to it. From 1977-1982, the revenue for Apple doubled every four months, which resulted in a 700%+ growth of the company every single year. That sounds like success to me.

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