The Top 10 Foods for Your Bearded Dragon’s Diet

 6. Kale

Kale, like Broccoli, should be fed to your Bearded Dragon on an occasional basis. They tend to like to eat this vegetable in large pieces and strips. Feeding your lizard a little Kale salad will provide them with a healthy dose of Vitamin but if you overdo it, the vegetable can give you similar problems to over-feeding your lizard Broccoli or Kiwi. A lot of Bearded Dragon owners suggest feeding Kale to your lizard no more than once or twice a week.

5. Endive

Endive is a green that should be a staple in every Bearded Dragons diet. It’s especially beneficial to the lizard when mixed with other greens as it provides a high-source of calcium without any possible negative side-effects that may occur due to overeating.

Bearded Dragons can’t over eat Endive so give it to your pet in large pieces and strips and let them enjoy. If you’re ever in doubt about what you should give your Bearded Dragon to eat, don’t chance it and just give them a little Endive instead because you know that not only do they absolutely love this vegetable, it is exceptionally healthy for their diets.

4. King Worms (Super Worms)

King Worms should only be fed to Bearded Dragons after they’ve reached a length of 16 inches or longer from tip to tail. If you’re Bearded Dragon hasn’t reached this size yet and you feed them a King Worm they could have difficulty digesting the insect.

King Worms can be a staple insect in your lizard’s diet as they provide a high amount of protein and fat. How many you can feed to your Bearded Dragon rests on the size of your pet. Between two and five per day or every other day is the recommended amount.

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