The Top 10 Foods for Your Bearded Dragon’s Diet

3. Wax Worms

Wax Worms make excellent little treats for your favorite lizard friend but they should only be given as the occasional treat.

These worms are highly addictive for Bearded Dragons so it’s important not to let them eat them so often they refuse to touch the other foods you give them (because according to Bearded Dragon chatrooms across the web, they can and will).

Try to treat your pet to some Wax Worms about once a week and you’ll have a very happy lizard!

2. Mealworms

Mealworms are too tasty for any Bearded Dragon to resist. Fresh Mealworms can be a staple in any Bearded Dragon’s diet but some people would argue this insect makes a good occasional food option. This is because of the hard shell that Mealworms have which has been known to cause impaction in Bearded Dragons who eat too many of them.

Fat content isn’t a concern with this insect unless your lizard starts eating too much and gaining weight. As long as you keep an eye on consumption levels and weight, there’s no harm in giving your pet this delicious meal.

1. Crickets

Crickets are unquestioned staple in every Bearded Dragon’s meal plan. Crickets are a special treat for your pet as the Bearded Dragon is known to enjoy chasing crickets and eat them with gusto.

It’s suggested that when feeding your Bearded Dragon crickets – which you’ll probably do pretty often – that you let the crickets “gut load” before feeding them to your lizard.

To do this you basically let the crickets feed on your throw-away fruits and vegetables. The crickets will devour about any fruit or veggie you put in the container and this will result in a healthier future meal for your pet.

Some Bearded Dragon lovers also suggest dusting crickets with calcium before feeding them to your lizard to ensure they’re getting as much nutrition as possible from the insect.

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