Top 10 Benefits of a Polyphasic Sleep Schedule

5. Use Your Time More Efficiently

Efficiency is key in our day-to-day lives to ensure we stay on task and get everything done that we need to accomplish. We need to make sure our schedules and plans are set and stone so we are able to squeeze in as many tasks into a single day. Polyphasic schedules allow for more time to get things done, like errands, work assignments, home improvement projects and more, enabling a most efficient and convenient schedule.

4. Increase Your Mental Clarity

REM sleep is a priority for many polyphasic sleepers, and REM sleep is known to actively and noticeably restore the brain. A fresh and clear mind is a great feeling. With having multiple times to rest your brain throughout the day, polyphasic schedules help with keeping your mind pure and at ease and even helps with feelings of sleep deprivation.

3. Have More Hours Awake

This one probably speaks to a lot of us – we all wish had more time in the day, and that’s exactly what you can get from taking on a polyphasic sleep schedule. In general, polyphasic sleepers get fewer hours of sleep than those who are monophasic or biphasic, leaving more time awake to get everything off of that to-do list. Some polyphasic sleepers even aim to decrease their overall sleep time to have more hours in the day.

2. Increase Brain Power and Learning Ability

As mentioned, polyphasic sleep schedules allow the brain to restore itself repeatedly a number of times throughout the day. A 90-minute nap offers as much behavioral improvement as a night of sleep does, especially with REM sleep. Offering the brain more time periods to rest and recharge helps to result in increased brain activity and ability once you are awake.

1. Increased Feelings of Euphoria and Happiness

This perhaps is the most appealing aspect of polyphasic sleep schedules for some. The majority of us can agree that we enjoy the feeling of happiness. Excessive sleeping has been tied to issues of depression and other behavioral/mood concerns. There is some informal evidence that polyphasic sleepers experience increased happiness and feelings of euphoria, as well as an enhanced mood and social skills.

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