Top 10 Dessert Trends to Replace the Cupcake

The immediate and sudden closure of Crumbs bakeries in the US was so big that it made the front page of BBC’s website last month. The BBC! With 65 stores in 11 states and Washington DC, this closure marks the end of an era: The Cupcake Era.

The Cupcake Era began sometime in the 1990s and was partially popularized by the television series Sex and the City. The Magnolia Bakery in New York City played a crucial role in the rise of cupcake stardom, as it was the setting where characters Carrie and Miranda sat outside eating cupcakes and talking about Carrie’s new “crush,” Aidan (considered by many [this author included] to be the one Carrie should have ended up with).

But never fear, dessert lovers. In good time, a new trend will come about that will make you forget all about the mounds of sugary frosting, the moist cake, those obnoxious wrappers, and the sweet surprises in the middle. Here’s what the Internet seems to think is up next.

10. Jell-O

Jell-O has always maintained a small bit of popularity due to its common association with shot glasses, but a recent dramatic spike in Google searches suggests this timeless dessert may be back in vogue. At least, this guy thinks so.

9. Inhalable desserts

Please, dear God, don’t let this actually be a thing people consider doing.

8. Doughnuts

doughnut photo

Photo by arnold | inuyaki Via Flickr Creative Commons

Remember when Krispy Kreme was considered the Holy Grail of doughnuts? Well, that was back in early 2004, and times have changed. That being said, this aspiring Buzzfeed content writer seems to think that doughnuts have what it takes to replace the immortal cupcake.

7. Cake pops

cake pops photo

Photo by Mimsen Via Flickr Creative Commons

There appears to be some controversy on whether cake pops are coming in or moving out. In general, it seems that they may be going out along with cupcakes, but wedding planners seem to be favoring them in lieu of the traditional wedding cake. So, maybe we’ll see cake pops sticking around for a while longer.

6. Dippin dots

Oh Dippin Dots…. The Ice Cream of the Future. I actually used to really enjoy Dippin Dots, probably because I really enjoy all kinds of ice cream. Anyway, Dippin Dots declared bankruptcy in 2011 and were bought out in 2012 by a father-son duo that attempted to increase the company’s sales. Whether or not they’ve succeeded, Dippin Dots recently achieved Guinness World Record status by setting the record for the “number of ice cream cups prepared by a team of five in three minutes.” Because apparently there’s a competition for that. And in case you were wondering, the magic number to beat is now 473.

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