Top 10 Dessert Trends to Replace the Cupcake

5. Froyo

While frozen yogurt is still a relatively popular dessert and anytime snack (especially in these awful summer months), a new edge trend may be upon us – the Frobot. Bringing froyo to where no froyo has gone before, these may be worth a spin around the block.

4. Soft-serve – Carvel Nutella and Godiva

Who doesn’t remember and love twisty soft serve ice cream cones at the beach? Maybe with a ribbon of strawberry or peach along the side? My personal favorite was always the chocolate-vanilla twist dipped in chocolate shell. Yum.

Carvel recently announced a Nutella-flavored soft-serve, to keep up with the Nutella craze (which, I guess, could be a dessert trend all on its own?). Godiva will also begin selling soft-serve to customers out of its high-end boutiques, in white chocolate, dark chocolate, or twist.  A sign of things to come?

3. Drinkable desserts

Much, much better than inhalable desserts, because who didn’t love root beer floats as a kid? Plus, you can make these with or without booze, to please children and adults alike. I’m all for bringing this trend back.

2. Dessert pizza

dessert pizza photo

Photo by regan76 Via Flickr Creative Commons

My college dining hall made dessert pizza on weekends. Soft pizza crust, gooey apple pie filling, topped with streusel and drizzled frosting…. perfection. You can also make them with fruit, chocolate, or whatever else strikes your fancy. Plus, they’re super easy to divvy up for you and all your friends!

1. Churro

churro photo

Photo by toolmantim Via Flickr Creative Commons

Please please please please please let this replace the cupcake. Way better than doughnuts, plus you can stuff them full of ICE CREAM. The churro ice cream sandwich is my pick to replace the cupcake for sure, and I hereby declare: The Era of the Churro Ice Cream Sandwich.

Cover Photo by ChezMummy

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