Top 10 Hidden Gem Universities In the US

Some people are born knowing exactly what college they would like to attend. For others, it can be a much more difficult decision, and it can take many months to figure out where and what the ideal college is. To make a logical decision, a number of aspects should be considered. Location is a big deal – do you want to be in a busy and fast-paced city environment?

Or would you rather a more quiet environment where you can wake up to the fresh mountain air and nothing but the sound of the breeze? Then there’s different types of colleges; some public, others private and some only offer 2-year Associate’s programs while others offer degrees up to a Doctorate. Additional factors to consider include the school’s religious affiliation, programs offered, school size, tuition, male to female ratio, student-to-faculty ratio, etc.

Throughout your college search, there will be a number of pressures for where you should decide to attend. Perhaps your mother would like you to go to her alma mater, but your sister thinks you would excel at the university her friend goes to. What’s important here is to look at the bigger picture, and try to step outside of your comfort zone. Many may find themselves checking out the more popular and well-known schools throughout the country, but don’t forget to consider some of the hidden gems that may not receive the recognition they deserve.

10. Saint Mary’s College of Maryland

Saint Mary’s College of Maryland is a perfect small-town public college that offers the same feel as private colleges, without the extra costs. The college offers over 150 years of history and is recognized for its challenging course offerings, expert faculty, and highly talented students. Saint Mary’s is a unique choice compared to others because it combines the characteristics of both a public and private school. The college offers degrees up to a Master’s and has an approximate student body of 1,700.

9. Kalamazoo College

Kalamazoo College is a private 4-year college in a small town in the Southwest region of Michigan. This college is highly selective and enrolls approximately 1,400 students from over 30 countries around the globe. Kalamazoo is one of the oldest colleges in the Unites States, offering close to 200 years of experience. About 92% of the faculty at Kalamazoo College hold at least a Ph.D. in their field and class sizes yield an impressive 13:1 ratio. Kalamazoo’s exceptional curriculum program, known as the Kalamazoo Plan or K-Plan, started in 1962. The K-Plan offers extensive educational opportunities for domestic and international students alike.

8. University of New England

The University of New England is a great choice for those looking for a mid-sized school in a suburban environment. With multiple campuses in Maine and a new location in Morocco, the University of New England has a lot to offer students. The University provides the only medical and dental schools in Maine with 27 different health science programs to choose from. The University of New England is comparable to Stockton University, Rutgers University, Quinnipiac University, and many other well-known institutions.

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