Top 10 Hidden Gem Universities In the US

7. Mercer University

Located in Macon, Georgia, Mercer University is ranked 4.7 out of 5 stars based on online reviews. Some feedback mentions that Mercer University is one of the most overlooked universities in the US and provides programs comparable to ivy-league colleges. Over 90% of the faculty at Mercer hold doctorates or the highest applicable degree in their field. About 8,500 students attend Mercer University – almost a 50/50 split between undergrads and graduate students. The university focuses on embracing and encouraging uniqueness, intellectual opportunity and diversity to provide a distinguished, yet desirable learning environment.

6. The College of Idaho

The College of Idaho is the state’s oldest private liberal arts college. With over 100 years of history, The College of Idaho provides a reputation built upon enhanced academics, successful athletics, and thriving graduates. Not only does the college offer an advanced educational experience, but a number of lucrative individuals have graduated from the institution, including multiple Rhodes, Marshall, Truman and Goldwater Scholars. Just over 1,000 students, primarily undergraduates, are enrolled at The College of Idaho.

5. Taylor University

Taylor University is an interdenominational college located in Upland, Indiana. The university focuses on discipleship within its education to partner with, challenge, and encourage fellow believers. Taylor University is a great college for those looking for a religious environment who are ready to expand and appreciate the diversity of an interdenominational institution. Upland is recognized as a distant locale, meaning that it is anywhere from 10 to 35 miles away from urbanized areas.

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