Top 10 Must-Know Iguana Care Sheet Facts

Iguanas are beautiful animals that add that same interior design flavor to your house that you get from an aquarium full of goldfish. It’s not just their flamboyant bright colors but also the spikes that run along the length of their backs all the way to their tails (some Iguanas don’t have the spikes). Their reptilian look completes their majestic appearance making them look like intricately painted statues.

You will be spoiled for choice when looking for the iguana pet of your dreams because there are more than 30 species of iguana that vary in size, appearance, and color.  However, choosing a pet iguana is not as demanding as caring for them is.  We know you want one anyway and that is why we have provided top ten Iguana care sheet facts below:

10. Bathing

iguana photo

You can give your iguana a bath in your bathtub or its own special tub. Do not fill the bathtub with too much water such that the iguana’s whole body is covered. The water should be about as deep as half the iguana’s height such that only part of its body is covered with water. Remember the animal is cold blooded, which means its body temperature changes to match the temperature in its surroundings.

So, make sure the water you are using to give it a bath is warm, not hot or cold.  When the iguana is in the water, it may defecate. Do not panic when it does this. Bath time defecation is normal for iguanas and may actually be an opportunity for you to potty train it. Clean the bathtub and disinfect it after use especially if it is the same bathtub you use for bathing.

9. Water

Provide warm, clean drinking water for your iguana in a tub or a large bowl. The tab should be cleaned every day, and the water should always be warm and clean. The water bowls or tubs should be heavy or attached to the floor of the cage to prevent the water from spilling when your iguana gets inside for well-needed soak.  A good soak daily will hydrate your iguana and keep its kidneys healthy.

8. Cleaning

A clean enclosure for your pet will keep it healthy. Every week, clean the enclosure with soap and water then disinfect. Follow instructions provided in the disinfectant packaging correctly and after you have disinfected the cage, rinse everything in the enclosure thoroughly.  Rinsing everything is important because the fumes and disinfectant solution remaining in the cage could be deadly to your iguana.

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