Top 10 Theatre & Drama Colleges

Actors audition so they can stand on center stage, but if you are fresh out of high school, you might need to go to college and perfect your craft, before you head for Broadway. Enter stage left – which college do you choose?

There are plenty of drama colleges that offer acting and directing programs across the United States, but we have narrowed down a list of top ten theatre and drama candidates that stand out for thespians. Are you looking for classical training? Contemporary studies? Stage time? Connections? All of the above? Then, take a look at these top picks for colleges that offer all kinds of drama.

10. UCLA

UCLA is known around the world for their drama program. They are a force to be reckoned with on the collegiate scene, and the faculty has the connections to get students plenty of exposure at festivals, conferences, regional theatres and in movies. The program touts themselves as “the makers and creators, challenging thinkers to think and doers to do,” but how much do the students actually do? The program offers hands-on costume design, production, acting, and management opportunities, which is attractive for students sourcing the best schools for drama.

Behind the curtain, students are required to adhere to strong academic disciplines and spend time researching and writing essays on theory and history. The school has invested in digital technology to help keep them current, offering students cutting-edge classes. If you want connections, a strong program and glorious weather, head west to the University of California at Los Angeles. Alumni include Academy Award-winner, Francis Ford Coppola, producer and actor, Ben Stiller and award-winning director, Shirley Jo Finney.

9. USC

Another top ten contender out west is the University of Southern California that also offers the opportunity to work with accomplished pros that have extensive experience on and behind the stage. This school is also up to date with technology and offers an intimate setting where students can explore their craft. Set in the hub of the casting industry, students can attend school, wait tables and head over to a casting all in the same day. The training is in-depth and offers a fresh perspective coupled with old school knowledge about theatre. Alumni include film historian William Moritz, actor Sasha Alexander, and Tony winner, Renée Elise Goldsberry.

8. Boston University

Students who choose Boston University for acting discover a program dedicated to stretching an individual physically, emotionally and academically. The school stresses the development of voice and movement and helps encourage steady growth and broadening of the imagination. If the stage is your niche, then you’ll find Boston University dedicated to performance. An Acting major will work behind the scenes and on the stage, learning all aspects of the theatre world. Fine arts students can apply to study abroad in London or Venice because the school is known to offer the highest percentage of undergrads programs for studying abroad. Alumni include, actor Geena Davis and media sensation, Howard Stern.

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