Top Ten Really Weird Truths About Dinosaurs

5. Many Dinosaurs Had Feathers

In our minds, we often think of dinosaurs as being scaly, lizard-like creatures that would have absolutely no place sporting a peacockish display of fabulous feathers. However, many dinosaurs were actually coated in feathers, which is directly contrary to how they are normally depicted in movies like Jurassic Park, which by the way is coming back for a fourth installment.

 4. Most Dinosaurs Were the Size of Humans

dinosaurs photo

Photo by Via Flickr Creative Commons

We often think of dinosaurs as being large, frightening creatures. But in reality, the majority of dinosaurs were the size of humans or much smaller. Imagine if dinosaurs still existed, roamed the streets alongside humans? This was actually probably the case, as it has been theorized that the ancestors of early humans lived among the dinosaurs. When dinosaurs died out, ecological niches and opportunities for mammals came to fruition, and eventually humans rose out of the shadows.

 3. The Longest Dinosaur Name Is Micropachycephalosaurus

I mean…what? Huh? Enough said.

 2. A Single Tyrannosaurus Rex Tooth Was Nearly One Foot Long

dinosaur tooth photo

Photo by Rochelle, just rochelle Via Flickr Creative Commons

Oh My God! Yeap, you read that right, T-Rex teeth were usually between 8”-12” long; about 50 to 60 of those brutal destroyers were readily equipped in every single T-Rex mouth. Now I remember why I was so frightened of T-Rex’s after watching Jurassic Park as a young child; I’m kind of super ultra glad that they are extinct now!

 1. Scientists For the Past 200 Years Have No Idea How Dinosaurs Mated

dinosaurs photo

Photo by OpenClips Via Pixabay

Is it as simple as a mommy and daddy dinosaur coming together because they were in love? Probably not. But that theorem is just as good as any other that scientists have presented, as there is nothing even close to a general consensus on how dinosaurs mated. We have no idea how the process of reproduction between dinosaurs occurred, and the debate on how two dinosaurs made a baby dinosaur doesn’t seem like it will ever end. However, we can probably turn to birds for a start, as some birds are a direct extension of dinosaurs, and we do know how they mate.

Cover Photo by Scott Kinmartin Via Flickr Creative Commons

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