Top Ten Smallest Countries In the Whole World By Population

There are some pretty small countries in our world – and to think, we always have images of grand, huge, bustling culture with millions upon millions of people when we think of a whole nation. However, there are actually ten countries with a population of less than 70,000, and a super famous one you certainly have heard of that has less than 750 people total!

10. Antigua and Barbuda

antigua photo

Photo by Jerry.Raia Via Flickr Creative Commons

With a population of approximately 70,000 people, Antigua and Barbuda is a pretty small country – it’s population is ⅓ to ¼ that of Iceland, about 50,000 less than the town of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and probably 100 to 120x smaller than the population of all of New York City.

9. Marshall Islands

marshall islands photo

Photo by Christopher.Michel Via Flickr Creative Commons

With a population of less than 60,000 people, the entire surface area of the Marshall Islands is less than 175 total square miles! That country is quite tiny! Located in the northern Pacific Ocean, the Marshall Islands are, as the name would suggest, an island country, and actually borders the #2 country on our list.

8. Saint Kitts & Nevis

saint kitts photo

Animated Depiction of Saint Kitts: Photo by ZZ Bottom Via Flickr Creative Commons

Saint Kitts is an island in the West Indies that is in the same federation as the island of Nevis. The population of this federation is less than 40,000 people total, making this island smaller than your average American town, about 15 times smaller than the entire city of Boston, Massachusetts, and about 650 – 700 times smaller than the entire states of Texas.

7. Liechtenstein

liechtenstein photo

Photo by vauvau Via Flickr Creative Commons

With a population of 33,720, Liechtenstein is less than half the size of our #10 country, Antigua and Barbuda. The whole country is less than 63 square miles in size, making it quite a tiny nation. The country is bordered by Switzerland and located in Central Europe. An interesting fact of note is that it is, by measure of gross domestic product per capita, the richest German-speaking country in the entire world!

6. Monaco

monaco photo

Photo by robbophotos Via Flickr Creative Commons

Boasting a truly enormous and unbelievably large population of 32,410 people, Monaco is just a little bit smaller than Liechtenstein. Located along the French Riviera in Western Europe, it lies adjacent to France. It also borders the Mediterranean sea, and is actually run as a monarchy under Prince Albert II.

For those of you looking to move to Europe for an incredible tax incentive, look no further than Monaco: this country poses absolutely no income tax to its citizens.

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